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Wheeler-Dealer Achievement Broken

Posted on 08 September 14 at 21:12
I have traded well over the 500 rounds necessary for the achievement but my counter is still at zero %
Jack Kanoph
Jack Kanoph
Posted on 16 September 14 at 01:00
It's a problem with Xbox Achievements on Xbox One not being validated by the servers. If you've done exactly what is required for the achievement it is unlocked, be patient and wait for it to unlock. I've had this problem too angry

If you want to try and unlock it, try resetting your console, clearing the cache, and removing and reinstalling your profile to your console.
Dresden N7
Dresden N7
Posted on 11 October 14 at 16:57
I have the retail bundle Metro Redux but I assume it works the exact same way:

I noticed for this achievement, there is no counter on the achievement app. Just keep buying and selling shotgun shells at an Ammo Exchange (and reloading checkpoints) until you get it.
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