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Posted on 24 October 18 at 16:56, Edited on 24 October 18 at 17:00 by xNSHD
Dang3R Gaming said:
None of these responses are crying, just asking that you actually respect people that take their time to do this, rather than dismissing genuine points or acting like there's some arbitrary time limit that should be in place because the walkthrough wasn't finished in some small time frame that you find acceptable.
never once didn't show respect, all i did was voice my opinion i never said anything that would be classed as disrespectful. didn't personally attack the author or anything just simply said i think 4 months even in your spare time is a bit much.
Posted on 24 October 18 at 18:36
That's enough of the bickering back and forth.

Future posts of the kind will be deleted. This thread isn't the place for it.
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Posted on 27 October 18 at 21:36
In other, positive news though: 2 more sections have been completed ...
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scarlet speed
scarlet speed
Posted on 30 October 18 at 20:10
MC0REBE said:
In other, positive news though: 2 more sections have been completed ...
You're awesome man!!! Keep up the good work!
Posted on 03 November 18 at 10:30, Edited on 03 November 18 at 11:13 by MC0REBE
Another update: out of the 39 pages I've created, only 12 more need work. I've slowly but surely been adding text, screenshots, maps and videos and hope to wrap this up soon.

At the moment though, there's a small bug which doens't enable me to upload images to this walkthrough but I've already reported it to the WT Manager and my assigned overseer.

I'll keep you updated (hopefully once a week) about any progress I've made. Thanks all for your patience, but I'm very proud of what I've put into this walkthrough and it will be one of the best ones I've wrote to date.

Edit: The upload issue only occurs using Chrome on Mac OS X, and I'm now using Safari to upload images.
We work in the dark to serve the light - ENGORGE!
Good Tinder
Good Tinder
Posted on 05 December 18 at 08:15
Any new progress MC0REBE?
Dang3R Gaming
Dang3R Gaming
Posted on 05 December 18 at 11:52
He got a few more sections done around the time of his last post I believe, but not much in the past few weeks, as he has been quite busy.
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