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LEGO Batman 3 to Receive Season Pass

  • BinaryGlitchBinaryGlitch255,629
    Posted on 11 September 14 at 13:02Permalink
    I think I am going to wait till this becomes a xbox gold title with the DLC at 25%. Not a fan of DLC on release.
  • KKMPKKMP189,401
    Posted on 14 September 14 at 07:49Permalink
    Season Pass strikes back... I'm loving it, the same like I love WB games which I hate for their attitude which is each week closer to Activision's. I will ever buy any of Activison games which are NOT on sale (<£10). I will not give them my hard earned money for their copy/paste way of thinking. I hope that Lego games will not go this way...
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