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  • zoidberg1339zoidberg1339417,346
    Posted on 15 January 18 at 18:31Permalink
    Okay, I see the issue now. I was looking for something more glaring than that, I thought I had the player going the wrong way or something. Fixed now.
  • FalensaranoFalensarano853,480
    Posted on 09 December 18 at 18:45Permalink
    Hey zoidberg, great walkthrough that helped immensely for UHH!

    I have a slight amendment that isn't a deal breaker. During the last bit of part 1, after I used the voodoo doll on Largo, I was immediately transported to the Voodoo lady so I couldn't go to the laundry to catch the rat before getting the book.

    If this is the same for everyone, the second from last paragraph could be split out with the Voodoo lady and the book first, then the bit with the rat and the job?
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