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Such a long grind....

Posted on 01 February 14 at 00:11
Well finally got all 4 characters to level 8. Now because I am just so damn sick of this game doing the farming method on level 1-1 second ant hill with Jet armor with Pesticide Rifle and Goatshrike e11. Averaging about 65k every 35-40 minutes with no effort. I figure I have another 3M Xp left.
Posted on 01 February 14 at 01:06, Edited on 01 February 14 at 01:07 by WeisGuy9
I completed this game last year...or somewhere thereabouts. And yes, it is a VERY long grind. By the time you knock out the full 1000K you will be utterly sick of it. Stick with it though. Whenever you start to really hate it, just take a break from it and play something else for a while, then come back to it later.

Good luck!

EDIT: I wrote the walkthrough for this game. Check it out to find some helpful grinding tips. Might speed things up a little bit for you.
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Posted on 01 February 14 at 01:31
It's odd, because 2017 was a bunch of grinding as well because difficulties don't stack, but I still enjoyed it enough to power through it. IA on the other hand, I stopped playing awhile ago, and I don't see myself going back.
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