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  • Posted on 07 July 14 at 07:57Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the Killer Instinct walkthrough
  • MC0REBEMC0REBE505,399
    Posted on 18 July 14 at 18:59Permalink
    Searching for a new owner. If anyone is interested, please post here or PM thirtysmooth or myself.

    Walkthrough Assistant Manager - We work in the dark to serve the light - ENGORGE!
  • Posted on 07 August 14 at 22:51Permalink
    I'll volunteer to take ownership of this one.
    Posted on 15 October 14 at 01:40Permalink
    Any news?
  • NomstuffNomstuff684,136
    Posted on 20 January 16 at 00:31Permalink
    Any plans to add Shadow Jago?
  • AckterAckter324,979
    Posted on 20 January 16 at 01:30Permalink
    I'm pretty much retired, it'll need a new owner for Shadow Jago and Season, sorry.
  • Posted on 18 February 17 at 01:19Permalink
    No takers for Season 3 and onward?
  • MatadorBIDMatadorBID80,039
    Posted on 05 July 18 at 14:42Permalink
    Can someone please update for Season 3? Shadow Lords is confusing AF. Can't even find a guide on Google.
    Rip and tear, until it is done.
  • Willy K OlhoWilly K Olho518,843
    Posted on 14 February 20 at 15:48Permalink
    Guys, can anyone update about Shadow Labs? It'S NOT WORKING PROPERLY! Unable to unlock the achievements of this DLC.
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