Game Discussion: Völgarr the Viking


  • NavyVinnyNavyVinny182,454
    Posted on 01 November 14 at 22:26Permalink
    I can't even get past the first part of the game cause when I jump it goes stright left. It's not going right when i am in the air... help?
  • Kovy88Kovy881,401,611
    Posted on 01 November 14 at 22:45Permalink
    Not sure what you mean, but you must use the double jump and time the second jump right to reach places. There are platforms where you must first jump left, then jump right to land on the platform, not on spikes or thin air. You also need to throw the spears and use them as platforms.
  • Posted on 29 December 14 at 12:54Permalink
    I think i know what he means. When you jump in this game, all of the momentum you had when starting the jump is carried foward, which you can not change until you hit the ground again. This means that if you jump to a ledge but jump to high, you can go straight over the ledge and into some spikes. As the person said above, you just need to learn the timings and how the jumping works
  • BAMMphilBAMMphil628,168
    Posted on 20 January 15 at 14:55Permalink
    Actually you can change your direction in midair once. Jump to the right and then press left and press jump again for the double jump. Of course it works the other way, too.
    Other than that its pretty difficult to tell where exactly you have problems.
    I would recommend to look at a speedrun of the level you need help with on youTube, that is alot of help for some areas!
  • Posted on 03 February 15 at 21:22Permalink
    One helpful thing to keep in mind is that if you do your second jump without pressing a direction, you go straight up in the air. So you can use this if it looks like you overshot your first jump, and stop cold.
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