Game Discussion: Hasbro Family Game Night


  • SaltyTONSaltyTON239,311
    Posted on 13 September 10 at 16:46
    Does anyone know if it would be possible to use my American account to buy Scrabble, then download the American FGN to allow me to play it with my UK account???

    Would love to get the 200MSP ofr that game!!
  • SpilnerSpilner848,719
    Posted on 13 September 10 at 20:32
    Scrabble is region locked, so you would need a NTSC (american) console to play it
    Careful this post MAY be a joke. check me out.
  • SaltyTONSaltyTON239,311
    Posted on 14 September 10 at 09:40
    Damn Hasbro and Mattel's pettiness!
  • Posted on 17 November 10 at 08:15
    Is there anyone that can confirm the fact that scrabble might be available worldwide soon? There was an announcement made in the deal of the week on several sites and all of them clearly posted that the deal of the week would include all of the hasbro family game night games %50 off. They are stating that the game is available worldwide... Is this true? a typo?

    check this link for an example:
    Achievements should be about skill, not luck!
  • SpilnerSpilner848,719
    Posted on 17 November 10 at 09:05
    Well since the game ISNT on the marketplace outside the US lets go with no. Games i own, want help on any PM me.
  • SaltyTONSaltyTON239,311
    Posted on 17 November 10 at 10:43
    I will be buying the rest though as I want to get Family Guy Night up from my current 1200G. smile
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