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Posted on 03 August 10 at 15:02, Edited on 10 July 11 at 20:29 by Kahuna28
Hey Guys,
I have noticed a few times, Threads dedicated to just one youtube page, therefore in a way clogging up the forum. I thought It might be a good idea to just post a link on this thread, then we can get everybody's youtube in the same place.

So post your YouTube now! Hoefully this will give your channels some feedback and traffic, And maybe we could sub each other, just to get started, smile.

My Channel;

wave :).
Posted on 03 August 10 at 23:27
I used to have a Youtube channel... Brad2152, used to get on it alot, almost everday even, and I had it for a year or so. xD
I was starting to get a little recognition... you know, decent amount of views, had alot of videos, decent amount of subscribers/friends, but, since that was the time all those asses started to swarm Youtube with copyrights, I got suspended because of a minute long South Park video (One where Cartman was the school hall monitor, and called himself The Dawg.)... god, how I hated them douchebags when I found out...
I also had a back-up account, but, I forget what it's called, if I knew, I'd post it.

Sorry that I don't really have anything to show, as this is a YT channel topic.
Nice channel/videos.
Negative ZZ
Negative ZZ
Posted on 04 August 10 at 01:50

I just put some Pure and BlazBlue: CS video's up.
PM me if you know anywhere I can get awsome faceplates for Xbox 360.
Posted on 07 October 10 at 09:21

Spent a while recording stuff and putting it to music :)
Posted on 07 October 10 at 23:30
This is my new page, I upload HD game vids, right now I only have 1 video up because I just started this channel.

Here is a link to my old page which has a lot of videos, mostly bfbc2 stuff.

Here is my first and favorite montage
Posted on 13 October 10 at 21:05, Edited on 13 October 10 at 21:07 by Pizzerz

Haha, I had to use that.
Check out my videos:
Posted on 18 October 10 at 14:17, Edited on 18 October 10 at 14:17 by DavieMarshall
I'm on there at

No gaming stuff, it's mostly covers of my keyboard playing from a couple of years back. I'm very, very rusty now.
TA Newshound | Twitter: @DavieMarshall
Cpt Tripps 2012
Posted on 20 October 10 at 10:30, Edited on 20 October 10 at 10:33 by Cpt Tripps 2012
I got some crazy stuff on my youtube. You should check it out. I got demos of some games I made. I got some crazy videos from my circus days. There is also just a lot of videos of me talking about stuff too. Oh yeah and there are some cool mods I did on my rockband hardware. I got a ton of machinema I made, too.

This is one of my favorite videos though. So much fun. We set the back yard on fire about 20 times trying to make it.
Cpt. Tripps 2012
GriZzly GRiP
GriZzly GRiP
Posted on 19 November 10 at 02:49

Just recently started putting up videos. Check it out!
Posted on 21 March 11 at 20:31

Sketch comedy.
Posted on 21 March 11 at 21:38

Sorry mine might be a bit boring some in-game footage of homefront testing my dazzle out for best settings.
Aeris Gainzbrah
Posted on 22 March 11 at 10:09
I has one!

Mostly just Dance Central plays at the mo! -
Posted on 28 March 11 at 08:49, Edited on 28 March 11 at 08:54 by McGspot
I live in Humboldt County,Ca where all my dreams of sex, drugs, and rock n roll have come true above and beyond my wildest expectations. Since 1996, I have been producing shows that broadcast on local community access television, my main show is my educational music show called "the corey McG drum jamm" and I have always had a passion for cannabis concentrates and being an advocate of medical marijuana., and being in Humboldt County has helped to make my informative marijuana content become a reality. I do all the filming and editing myself, with literally No budget- hence 'no budget productions' any feedback is greatly appreciated and by all means, enjoy.
Posted on 20 June 11 at 05:12

A YouTube page for a FL LAN Gaming Center and Computer Repair Shop (not open yet). Game Reviews, Game Guides, Kill Compilations, Community Questions, and Computer Tips & Tricks.
Posted on 01 July 11 at 17:04

This is my page, which just contains random Black Ops clips. Most of them will probably make a bit more sense if you read them alongside my blog, which is linked in my signature and in the descriptions of the videos.

Just had a massive capture card fail, but hopefully should be getting another one soon so I can start uploading more gameplay!
Me on gaming -
Posted on 03 July 11 at 17:29

No gaming on mine, it's all skateboarding which I partake in regularly and have been for past 7 and half years of my life. I wouldn't have completed all the skateboarding games on the 360 if I didn't love the sport so much haha.
Posted on 07 July 11 at 09:15
Here is the gaming channel which is run by a few of the guys that use trueachievements quite a lot, check it out and if you SUB/LIKE just drop us a message and we'll make sure to SUB/LIKE back, we have the latest walkthroughs/guides and also give you guys hints/tips and tricks for all the games we possibly can, we've only been running for about 2 weeks but we have 20,000 views already and are being sponsored by Machinima Respawn which is awesome :)
Posted on 07 July 11 at 11:49
Cheers for you message; I message you back!
Me on gaming -

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 16 July 11 at 04:06
Check me out i work for many gaming channels
The Shock
ACS Eldres
ACS Eldres
Posted on 16 July 11 at 13:50

Pretty new channel, pc and xbox, gameplay, trailers and more to come.
As you can see I am not that good at making videos and also not a pro at gaming but I want to improve.
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