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XBL Sale Roundup: August 5th, 2014

  • SkooksSkooks413,172
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 19:58
    Picking up:
    Asura's Wrath
    DMC HD Collection
    Darkstalkers Resurrection
    RE 4
    RE CV

    Going to need a lot more HDD space. laugh
  • ZymoticZymotic952,410
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 20:06
    I would consider buying "Dead Rising 2: Off the Record" but I don't really have space on my harddrive, and I already deleted Sherlock Holmes (which now I want to play) and a few arcade games.

    In other words, I will be buying DR2:OTR on disc.
  • Posted on 05 August 14 at 20:22
    So, the entire RE5 game for $6.59, and the "on-disk" DLC versus mode is $5.00, huh?

    Fuck you, Capcom. Seriously, fuck you guys.
  • Dancing RobDancing Rob158,719
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 20:44
    or alternatively, you could get over this idea that you have to buy every shitty cash-in piece of DLC ever released.

    Your choice...
  • MugenKairoMugenKairo297,897
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 20:45
    Diamond Thing said:Is it every 2 weeks Call of Duty Ghosts is on sale? facepalmI guess they really want everyone to play it, but we're not going to! smile

    I've been waiting on a sale for Remember Me & DMC and it's DLC to go on sale, no excuses now!
    'Life begins beyond the edge of your comfort zone'
  • x RepoUK xx RepoUK x293,973
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 20:49
    Crapola, got all of the ones here that I would want apart from DR2 and I could get a used retail copy cheaper but then I have £45 MS credit that it currently seems impossible to spend.
  • Posted on 05 August 14 at 20:55
    I put Remember Me on my wish list a while back when I heard people praising it a lot. With the euro price put right for once I really might end up getting it. Even I swore to not buy anything after I realized how many games I had while doing my bean dive...
  • Chris8875Chris8875681,916
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 20:56
    Remember Me for $12 Australian isn't too bad - might consider getting it.
  • IBKJJIBKJJ763,617
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 20:57
    I cant believe i just got bon jovi's album last week :(
  • LV 1 Blue SlimeLV 1 Blue Slime1,459,637
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 21:10
    Oh, missed Terraria when it was on sale a month or so ago because I'm a procrastinating bastard. Not going to let that happen again, buying it now.
  • MathGuy42MathGuy42741,490
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 21:11, Edited on 05 August 14 at 21:11 by MathGuy42
    FYI, the Banjo Game Bundle will be delisted on August 8, according to Rare.
  • RhyoliticRhyolitic540,247
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 21:15
    Lil Silent One said:So anyone truly think azuras is worth getting? Or should I play the patience card to see it free some day possibly?It is definitely a different game than most others. It's fun, but the excessive number of plays needed for achievements burned me out on it for a while. It does have some DLC as well.

    I predict that next month's games with gold will be Remember Me and Bionic Commando.
  • L Davies7L Davies7608,432
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 21:15
    Bought angry birds a few weeks back.... Gonna cry myself to sleep tonight!
  • TyphonTyphon511,912
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 21:27
    Error1essRope24 said:xPut Name Herex said:Diamond Thing said:Is it every 2 weeks Call of Duty Ghosts is on sale? facepalmIt should tell you how poorly that game has sold compared to other CoDs that Activision is putting it on sale so frequently on all platforms, especially since the most recent iteration of CoD only rarely ever went on sale til Ghosts.Seriously how the hell you became a moderator, since you know little about gaming industry. Microsoft pays Activision to put the game on sale, not the publisher. The publishers have no control of sales at all. Finally I have to inform you that still CoD Ghosts sells well, just because you hate something, it doesn't mean that its bad, that's why it ends up being on sale everytime, because people buying it. If they wouldn't it would be pointle for MS to pay money to the publisher with no income at all.

    PS: I really hate people like you who can't respect other people's tastes.
    What you actually seem to hate is people whose "tastes" differ to your own. Unlike others who have responded to you I'll come out and say it, Ghosts is utter unoriginal shite. The only redeemable quality was Extinction. This is my "opinion".

    Other then Ghosts, decent sale.
  • MehdiMehdi503,384
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 21:41
    Nice sale for once , going to get dmc and the dlc , and thinking of getting asura's wrath does anyone have an opinion on the game?
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 21:43
    Might have to pick up Remember Me smile
  • KluckMyDuckKluckMyDuck432,105
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 21:53
    Danowat32 said:YES, ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS ON SALE!!!!

    Said no one.
    I was pretty excited... Before i saw that it was still $25 and other than the fact that it is still $15 more than I am willing to regretfully purchase an Angry Birds game for.
  • Posted on 05 August 14 at 21:57
    IBKJJ said:I cant believe i just got bon jovi's album last week :(Or ever. JK

    I would get Remember Me but I am too broke.

    Easter Eggs: Remember Me
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 05 August 14 at 22:14
    Look its Toby said:cancermatt2 said:I've always been curious about Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and never have seen it on sale before. Can anyone recommend the game?I'm interested in it too but I don't actually know anyone who's played it. I know Egoraptor and his girlfriend recommend it highly though so I might just go for it since it's only 3 quid.This is a great game. This is one of the 5 games I've kept from my PS1 days. I bought it on XBLA and it is missing some of the finer details but it comes in HD and looks great.

    Local Co Op is extremely addictive for males and females alike. The online servers are laggy however and is not nearly as fun. If you have someone to play with, this game is a timeless classic and will be one of your favorite co/op competitive games. If not, it could get old unless you really love Tetris style games.
  • marklynxmarklynx2,283,277
    Posted on 05 August 14 at 22:25
    xPut Name Herex said:marklynx said:Anyone know if it is possible to buy Dead Rising 2: Case West (JP Ver) with Microsoft Money or is a Credit Card needed?A Japanese credit card is needed, since the games have a "Z" rating (ages 18 and up), and the way they confirm you are above the age of 18 is for you to input your credit card information as proof of your age.Thanks, figured so much as I've been able to buy all JP games with the exception of these two DR games.

    I'd love to get my hands on one of those JP VISA Gift Cards, if they have them like we do.

    Any Japanese read these to lend a hand?
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