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Boosting Overlord II Online Achievements

  • LuffeZoloLuffeZolo393,230
    Posted on 14 September 10 at 21:55Permalink
    Basically I'm looking for anyone who wants to snag the Overlord II online achievements.
    Having spent sometime attempting to play Overlord II online I've found the community isn't overly active so it's difficult to find games.

    If you're interested just post and we can figure out times
  • zJakeyzJakey264,633
  • LuffeZoloLuffeZolo393,230
    Posted on 15 September 10 at 19:40Permalink
    Well I guess it's worth a try
    Anyone on this page feel free to check out the gaming session!compute
  • Posted on 13 January 11 at 20:45Permalink
    Hey sorry about the late reply but i just bought the game and would like to boost all the online achievements if possible, please message me back if you're interested :)
  • Posted on 01 January 15 at 10:37Permalink
    If anybody is still interested in grabbing these, send me a message.
  • Posted on 05 January 15 at 01:14Permalink
    We can boost the multiplayer achievements if you want! I buy that in the next days and need someone for the online part... Or you mean to sold that?
  • PaulDavey171PaulDavey171664,510
    Posted on 05 March 15 at 23:16Permalink
    Are people still looking for multiplayer boosters??
  • NavyMicrobeNavyMicrobe259,510
    Posted on 03 February 16 at 16:27Permalink
    Looking for a partner for the multiplayer achievements
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