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Just Cause 2's Easter Eggs

Posted on 17 September 14 at 15:50, Edited on 10 June 15 at 10:29 by LuckyKant
1. Banana Fail (coordinates X:21900;Y:20264)
2. Beached Whale (X:29610; Y:31340)
3. Happy Bubble Blaster (X:4245; Y:25980)
4. Broken cargo ship in the desert (X:10420; Y:23490)
5. I Am Legend reference (X:18210; Y:21540)
6. Multiple Lost references on Hantu Island:
i. Black Smoke monster (X:2775; Y:1680)
ii. The Hatch (X:1770; Y:4350)
iii. Crashed planes (X:1270; Y: 3490 and X:2760; Y:2430)
7. Hantu Island's EMP may also reference Battlefield Bad Company 2's Black Weapon.
8. Shinto religion reference (X:1300; Y:2000)
9. Hot Air Balloon (X:7390; Y:16150)
10: Goldeneye reference (X:23440; Y17420)
11. Mount Rushmore (X:30830; Y:30640)
12: Pie Island (X:24455; Y:912)
13. Race tracks:
i. Bandar Selekeh paved race track (X:9250; Y:11700)
ii. Dirt tracks (X:11260; Y:4150 and X:29800; Y:15800)
iii. Stunt track (X:8600; Y:25000)
14. Motorised shark fin (X:12750; Y:22560)
15. Skull Island (X:14830; Y:17320)
16. A snowman which Rico talks to (X:23700; Y:13605)
17. Draw on Baby Panay's face

If you know of any more, post below.
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