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Sandbox Co-Op Gold Challenges experienced partner needed.

Posted on 08 July 14 at 21:46, Edited on 10 July 14 at 21:26 by BugattiMyJacket
I'm looking for an experienced partner to run through these challenges with. Someone who has knowledge of how to do the challenges. There's really only 3 types of challenges (Kills, PP, and Race) some kills ones require certain types of weapons, they're self explanitory.
Empire of Maury
Posted on 14 July 14 at 02:15
I also need a co-op partner. I have experience, i just need to do a few challanges in co-op to be done with the co-op cheevos, but help with the rest.
Posted on 11 August 15 at 10:39
i can help anyone with the co-op challeneges as I have helped quite a few people with them. just send me a message and we can get started.
Posted on 29 August 15 at 10:59
I need help with this.
Posted on 21 April 16 at 14:44
I'm currently looking for a serious partner for this.

I already have almost half of the challenges to gold, my previous co-op partner completed it without me :S It's been a while since I've last played this game but I'm sure it would come back pretty quick. :)

I'm available to play almost all nights after 10 pm eastern. Sometimes a bit later on the week-ends.

Send me a message if you're interested.

Posted on 11 June 16 at 02:15
Hi I'm also looking for a serious partner for this. Would love to get them all to gold.
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