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XBL Content Roundup: February 24th & 25th, 2015

  • Posted on 26 February 15 at 16:13Permalink
    AchevemntHunter said:Revelations 2 is categorized as an XLA game?? What madness is this?Because it is. It's an episodic game released over XBLA.
  • Posted on 26 February 15 at 16:25Permalink
    Wow is resident evil revelations really 20 bucks less than the physical game ??? I must be missing something here ?
  • Posted on 26 February 15 at 16:30Permalink
    Ahhh I see , I'll wait for the physical to dip down a lil
  • BROOKER 513BROOKER 513411,309
    Posted on 26 February 15 at 19:42Permalink
    Hey Newshounds you mind putting delisted games news in a different articles thx.
    "Content round up" not 'content round down'
  • Posted on 03 March 15 at 03:30Permalink
    Is there any way to get a site notification when one of these roundups are posted?
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