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  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 31 July 13 at 23:09
    To be perfectly honest, singular/plural issues are hardly a reason to complain about someone's work, and definitely not (in my books) a reason to judge it. Even if a WT is "littered" with them I would still refrain from a public stoning, and that's coming from someone that is annoyed very easily with grammar mistakes.

    Anyway. "Maybe" it's time to start to think of renovating the system? Just "maybe", eh.

    I know this is off-topic. I'd open a separate thread to blow the bomb if it wasn't the worst possible moment for a thorough discussion, with TT in the works and the summer shield on everyone's head. But one day. One day...
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant812,830
    Posted on 31 July 13 at 23:20
    If a WT is littered with mistakes it looks bad on the overseers, editors, the author and TA as a whole. If someone comes here and sees such a bad WT then they may avoid TA's excellent WT's and solutions.
  • caelichcaelich125,962
    Posted on 01 August 13 at 00:31, Edited on 01 August 13 at 00:33 by caelich
    LuckyConquerer2 said:
    If you are an editor or overseer, do your job properly. How has these mistakes not been noticed beforehand?
    How have these mistakes not been noticed beforehand? warning

    Maybe this walkthrough does need another pass by an editor, but there's a nice way to say that. For example, "Good walkthrough, but I notice there are quite a few spelling and grammatical errors in it. It might be worth having an editor take another look."
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  • LuckyKantLuckyKant812,830
    Posted on 01 August 13 at 00:36, Edited on 01 August 13 at 00:38 by LuckyKant
    I have already mentioned earlier that I was using my phone and I apologised for any errors. As my comments were not being used as a walkthrough, it does not need to be perfect.

    Additionally, if you read my 1st post, I was very polite and offered some help on errors so they could be fixed. So facepalm

    EDIT: My mistake had already been pointed out before. I have no idea why you are repeating something.
  • caelichcaelich125,962
    Posted on 01 August 13 at 00:48
    laugh you think you were being polite... Oh wait, you're serious?

    There are a couple slightly dickish things in your first post, but even if there weren't, I take into account everything you've posted in this thread. Once you've posted it, it's posted. You don't get to pick and choose which of your posts I consider before forming an opinion of you.
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  • LuckyKantLuckyKant812,830
    Posted on 01 August 13 at 00:58, Edited on 01 August 13 at 01:04 by LuckyKant
    Would you rather I posted in a formal manner? Oh, excuse me. Sorry to bother you blah blah blah. I did say that I was not hating but trying to help. What is the point of helping if no one gives a fuck ? Both me and Theo have corrected some mistakes but they have not been fixed. We are not the editors involved in this WT but are merely offering are help but is not been taken on board. Are we not allowed to post errors and solutions to the errors in this thread? If it was my WT, I would appreciate it.

    Also, please stay on topic about the walkthrough, not what you think about me.

    I do not care about your opinion. So stick it where the sun does not shine. Thanks so much for your time and have a lovely day. toast
  • MC0REBEMC0REBE570,138
    Posted on 01 August 13 at 06:40
    My Coxin Cyder said:
    MC0REBE said:
    If you think we don't do "our jobs" properly; try to combine it with a 2 year old daughter, a house in renovation, a job of 45 hours/week and some spare time.
    These are fantastic reasons why some people should not volunteer. If you don't have the time then don't volunteer.

    Thanks to those who do though!
    I don't say I haven't got the time. I create time to help this community and so does everyone in the news team, the game information team, the investigations team, ...
    A lot of people think it's just reading over a guide but it really isn't. We have to make sure nothing is copy/pasted from other websites, as a team we discuss certain guides to improve them, we discuss things to improve guides and so on. But most people never get enough of complaining and just rant about every single lettre written by someone from TA staff (if you want a good example, read the comments in the top 5 pickings). Every one in TA staff contributes in their own way and that's what makes this site more user friendly then any other Xbox community.

    And Theo, give the overseer some time to notify this thread. He will fix it whenever he gets the chance to do so.
    TrueAchievement Walkthrough Overseer - Completionist
  • Posted on 01 August 13 at 06:44
    If I could just weigh in on this one - we are aware that there are some older walkthroughs that are not up to standard, and the walkthroughs are being audited at the moment, and the managers will then do something with that information to ask people if they would like to improve these walkthroughs.

    If you notice a walkthrough that is not up to standard, then please PM one of the team who I'm sure would be happy to add it to the list. I certainly would anyway.

    Thanks for highlighting these errors, I'm sure the assigned overseer will get round to it when RL allows.
  • thirtysmooththirtysmooth226,159
    Posted on 01 August 13 at 08:09
    Please stay on topic, guys.

    The grammatical errors should now be fixed.

    Good day.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 01 August 13 at 14:39
    My god you people are really bashing these volunteer's over grammar, some people's children.
  • AhayzoAhayzo1,242,580
    Posted on 02 August 13 at 00:57, Edited on 02 August 13 at 00:59 by Ahayzo
    The reason it took me a while to get to this is I've had very little time for TA work this last week or so, due to working on the new sister site. The issues have now been fixed as thirty stated.

    Theo Boots said:
    machinguns ** machineguns
    This isn't an issue with the walkthrough. The information for the achievement was incorrectly pulled from xbox.com and has to be fixed by someone else, most staff can't touch that information.
  • thirtysmooththirtysmooth226,159
    Posted on 02 August 13 at 08:12
    Theo Boots said:
    TA is not keen to release numbers on the usage of guides. They probably have a good reason for this.
    With all due respect my interpretation of this is as follows: In the land of walkthroughs the TA-walkthroughs are at the bottom of the foodchain. They should use every little advantage they can find. If a more professional look is an advantage then they should use it.
    It's not a matter of "not keen"; we don't have any numbers. TA himself may have these, but your guess would be as good as ours.
  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite3,478,822
    Posted on 02 August 13 at 09:31
    Ok, I recently started writing walkthroughs a couple of months ago, but this thread has really riled me up.

    We are human.
    We make mistakes.

    I personally try to make my walkthroughs as high quality as possible. For an example of this, check my recent walkthrough for The Maw:

    The Maw Walkthrough

    The fact of the matter is, if you think you can do a better job, WRITE ONE YOURSELF.

    That's one of the reasons why I started doing walkthroughs, there either wasn't one, or the one that was there, was in my opinion, sub-par.

    My editor (Stacey), is free to point out the spelling errors I occassionally do (and get called out for, when people forget I'm english and not american, and thus I spell 'colour' as 'colour' and not 'color', for example), and the sentance structure I use is occassionally not as good as I would like. That's what editors are for. If something slips through, then it happens.

    Give them a break, or write your own.
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant812,830
    Posted on 02 August 13 at 10:22, Edited on 02 August 13 at 10:26 by LuckyKant
    As both me and Theo write them ourselves, we expect editors to do their job. I have not worked with stacy before but it sounds like she does a good jub. Kudos to her. We are not complaining about a couple of errors as we are human but this one had at least 50. There was one sentence that had 6 commas! It was a poor edit. I have had good editors, especially EMS.

    EDIT: i had a look at The Maw and it looks top class. Well Done.
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant812,830
    Posted on 27 February 14 at 14:27
    Ignore this. Just fixing a site bug.
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