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The Behemoth Reveals a Character for Game 4

  • MatrarchMatrarch1,014,645
  • Von KrauserVon Krauser627,293
    Posted on 28 January 15 at 16:06Permalink
    His name is Gluten.

  • ChaosAlertChaosAlert786,343
    Posted on 28 January 15 at 16:16Permalink
    I don't mind how long this game gets delayed, I am freakin' psyched. Much love for The Behemoth.
  • Posted on 28 January 15 at 16:57Permalink
    I can not wait for this
    "I should go."
  • WestsideSxEWestsideSxE483,547
    Posted on 28 January 15 at 17:10Permalink
    i wonder what their plans are when dev runs long and the coffers run dry... last time Castle Crashers got sudden ports to pc/ps3, but they already ported Battleblock everywhere except bone/4...
  • Posted on 28 January 15 at 17:33Permalink
    Von Krauser said:His name is Gluten.

    He could be made with rice and gram flour for all you knowwink
    Disclaimer: copious amounts of sarcasm may be included in the above post.
  • XystraXystra116,381
    Posted on 28 January 15 at 17:56Permalink
    This is a big red herring.

    The cupcake is a lie!
  • burnthelambburnthelamb439,256
    Posted on 28 January 15 at 19:35Permalink
    Cupcake has been known for awhile. Xbox One and PC are the platforms.
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  • Posted on 29 January 15 at 00:38Permalink
    Love me some grid based gameplay.

    Nice to see games like this are still being made, getting sick of freaking FPS shit.
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  • DaeryoonDaeryoon414,119
    Posted on 29 January 15 at 18:27Permalink
    Looks like another good development from The Behemoth. Very happy with their last 3 games, and each were different genres with different gameplay but fun. Would love to have Stamper do some more voice acting for this and I am excited to see how it develops.
    I am what I am, and that's all that I am. Also an XBLA completion addict and Terraria Master.
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