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Hamster Announces Azito x Tatsunoko Legends

  • kanterookanteroo121,232
    Posted on 20 September 14 at 22:14
    Old school gaming
  • Posted on 20 September 14 at 23:30
    Wtf is this?
  • mamaanimamaani1,429,250
    Posted on 21 September 14 at 02:33
    AZITO series was released at PlayStation. and I love this game.
    Is part of a series, Premier is on in Japan.

    Player build Secret-Base, and destroy the others.
    For example,there are GODZILLA of Kaiju, Japanese TOKUSATSU.
    lets try this:)
  • Fire Hawk DFire Hawk D1,723,705
    Posted on 21 September 14 at 04:53
    Okay, I may actually import this. Pretty cool looking.
  • Posted on 21 September 14 at 10:26
    So their AAA games are still using 90's tech?
    "There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief. There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief."
  • GnathostomaGnathostoma2,219,796
    Posted on 21 September 14 at 12:36
    This is shit not for me.
  • Free RiegnFree Riegn567,742
    Posted on 21 September 14 at 18:53
    Not into this. But I'm glad that the X-One is giving options (no matter that it is old school games). Bottom line is... if you like it get it.

    Wish that the One would put out all of the great old school games in a compilation. What would be glorious is that one day they get the rights to release the old school Nintendo games.
    Yeah Buddy!!!
  • Posted on 22 September 14 at 07:23
    What is happening? This is a very confusing trailer. lol
    I'm not interested myself but and glad it's there for those who are. :)
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