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TA Top Five: Bad Achievement Lists

  • Oriole2682Oriole26822,564,609
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 00:56
    Mortal Kombat can be done in a month or two not a year, you can leave 2 controllers on for twice the time...get two characters done every 3 nights (I would leave it on 16 hrs not 8)
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  • Van UdenVan Uden710,407
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 01:11
    Had a quick scan of my gamertag to see which games I would mention and so I wouldn't feel lazy anymore laugh. Making a top 5 is hard because most games with a "problematic" achievement list are not unique. The same problem exists in many other games. I'm not sure but I think the Juiced 2 and Lost Odyssey examples are unique. Can't be sure since I'm only several thousands of games shy of playing them all shock

    Star Ocean, as was mentioned a few posts back, requires hundreds of hours of dedicated playtime just to get the battle trophies, it has a ton of missables. And if after all that time you finally get those out of the way in at least 1 full playthrough and most of a second playthrough the game treats you to 2 more playthroughs on increasingly harder difficulties.

    Quake 4 is at least as grindy as Perfect Dark Zero but it adds a leaderboard achievement into the mix and a count down timer on MP lobbies if you don't have 8 players. You also need 1 or 3 other people minimum to get everything done while Perfect Dark can be done with bots. It's also a 4 playthrough completion that doesn't stack while Perfect Dark does have stacking difficulty achievements (although you need a partner who has the difficulty unlocked already)

    I would probably also toss Luxor 2 in the mix. With a lot of achievements taking a nice chunk of time and skill that list tops it off by using achievement point values that make some people cry.

    I'd also mention games like Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and Top Spin 3 for using exactly 1 achievement picture.

    Juiced 2: HIN on Xbox 360 deserves a spot not because of the terrible list but because the list actually got changed during the lifecycle of the game. They replaced some/most/all (not sure which exactly) achievements by exact copies of the achievements but with a different achievementid or however it works. If you load the game every achievement you earned that got replaced shows up as an error.

    Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth also deserves a honorable mention for it's weird 705GS list. I'm sure there are other games who have the same issue.

    And to wrap it up a personal favorite would be Lost Odyssey...yes, Lost Odyssey. The list is great and all, but when I look at it on my Xbox it appears in what I can only guess is Japanese, as does the game name. That's just trolling! Mind you that I don't have an Asian console or an Asian gamertag shock
  • PhonySpoonPhonySpoon979,823
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 01:26
    I fall exactly into that list of people who got the couple of free achievements in game room. I have recently heard they pulled stuff from the marketplace? Am I screwed as far as the completion goes? Can anyone help?
  • Posted on 23 March 15 at 01:30
    I just cant stand difficulty achievements myself. I just don't wanna play every game on hard and frankly after all this time they have been used to death and the devs need to be more creative
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  • Hello MeowHello Meow151,735
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 01:34
    Lost Planet 2 is an evil, soul-sucking monster of a list.
  • wbswbs915,999
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 01:47, Edited on 23 March 15 at 01:48 by wbs
    How could you forget Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 Chewie?

    Even the single player achievements needed the be earned online so when the shut down the servers the entire achievement list was discontinued. For the final slap in the face the game had 2 unobtainable achievements that were never patched. Not to mention the game had a bunch of awful and grindy achievements plus the servers were shut down fairly quick. This game deserves the #1 spot no matter how you look at it.
  • SlabbaSlabba177,900
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 01:47
    The original FEAR had a terrible list. I think I ended up with 70 gamerscore after completing the campaign. Most of the achievements related to multiplayer, which had a very limited following and required you to do 50 of this and 50 of that.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 23 March 15 at 01:59
    Two games most people would never put up with...

    Lost Planet 2

    Armored Core For Answer

    One can basically complete Lost Planet 2 twice in the time it takes to complete the online achievements for Armored Core.
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  • Posted on 23 March 15 at 02:08
    Another good one for this list is one of the 360s launch titles. Kameo: Elements of Power. There is a whole chunk of the achievements for that are worth 0g.
  • SanadaSanada667,131
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 02:15
    dropK1CK ninJA said:Those unobtainables makes that game sort of fall into this article.
    I think unobtainables are an honorable mention at most. Especially when it's only one or two of them. This is about bad achievement lists as a whole, not those that have one or two issues. If we were taking those in to consideration the list would be made up of glitched achievements and unobtainables.
  • SangriazSangriaz3,119,986
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 02:21
    Completely disagree that Pinball FX 2 should be in this at all. I am not the greatest pinball player and got a few achievements in a couple hours of time. There are some really challenging ones too. It really makes you learn the Sorcerer's Lair table which is what you are supposed to do when you are playing pinball for score.
  • PhilmnatorPhilmnator258,621
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 02:27
    ah yes I do have College Hoops 2K7 haha sadly I got it back when I think those achievements were still online, but 5 years back I wasn't too keen on actually achievement hunting. I'm still not SUPER crazy about having to 100% things, but a list full of impossible achievements is still a deterrent for me
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 23 March 15 at 02:42
    Monster Madness got a mention? What was that game again, sounds familiar.
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  • waratahbre15waratahbre15662,514
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 02:43
    Back in the early 360 days when the only game I had was Perfect Dark Zero (it came free in my pre-order pack) I remember playing well over 100 hours of split screen multiplayer on an old 20" 4:3 television............. yet I still only got 515G.
  • waratahbre15waratahbre15662,514
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 02:46
    The9thChevron said:Another good one for this list is one of the 360s launch titles. Kameo: Elements of Power. There is a whole chunk of the achievements for that are worth 0g.The 0g achievements are the absolute worst! Especially when they're a drag to get.
  • Pembo 1996Pembo 19961,091,785
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 03:00
    Any free-to-play game post 2011, i.e Happy Wars, Spartacus Legends, Ascend: Hand of Kul, World of Tanks, Airmech Arena, Warface. I should have learnt my lesson after the first one
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  • Posted on 23 March 15 at 03:42
    Not mentioning Lost Planet 2? WTF? That one is so ridiculous. Or something like Persona 4 Arena....
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  • Posted on 23 March 15 at 03:50
    How Chromehounds didn't make this list is beyond me. Or any game that has achievements similar to Chromehounds. Don't get me wrong I loved the game, but achievement wise, it had some huge flaws/drawbacks.

    1) It had achievements based on rankings, that were damn near impossible as certain clans always locked out the leaderboards making it impossible for anyone else to ever achieve the Gold Rankings required for the achievements.

    2) The Valor achievements that required you to max out each Mech type up to Level 100, making it such a huge grindfest, especially when you got so little XP from everything. And having to do this 6 times, once for each type, was beyond stupid.

    3) And lastly, the luck/random appearance achievement. The one for defeating the unidentified weapon. It appeared at random times and at random places and only stayed around for 30 minutes or so. Unless you were watching the map 24/7 it was complete luck if it would appear when you were playing. And if you couldn't destroy it, it would disappear. It was a complete bullshit achievement.

    Any games with achievements linked to leaderboards or community rankings and any that have achievements based on luck/random appearance are complete bullshit.
  • Posted on 23 March 15 at 04:11
    ChewieOnIce said:spletchie said:I would nominate the list from Earth Defense Force 2017 - only 6 achievements, 5 of which are for completing the game on each difficulty (non-stackable). Ugh.Oh man, that's horrible. Great suggestion.It actually isn't that bad. I mean you you have to play some 50+ levels 5 times over minimum, but its such a cheaply made game (and its supposed to be this way) that its actually fun. I really enjoyed the game (and the ones that came later). However the problem with it is that it had no online co-op, splitscreen co-op was always considered a "guest" so Player 2 couldn't earn achievements (and its still like that in the other EDF games for playing splitscreen co-op).

    The main problem with the game is huge increase in difficulty when going from the first 3 difficulties to the last 2 difficulties. In that if you play by yourself and don't have someone to play with as Player 2 to help, it required hundreds of hours of grinding out health on other levels just so that you can literally just outlast the enemies on the levels of the last 2 difficulties. Not to mention that the last achievement (which all the EDF games have) for collecting all the weapons. This can take forever, as the weapons are dropped randomly, and since its just an icon on the level, you have no idea what weapon you picked up until you beat the level (and if you failed, you kept nothing). And the weapon you picked up is randomly generated so it required replaying the same levels over and over as certain weapons only had a chance to drop on certain levels. And you had to complete all 5 difficulties to get 5 of the weapons (1 for completing each difficulty).

    All EDF games in general are cheaply made games, designed around grindy achievements, that once you get into it, are actually really fun to play and mess around in. Just don't start them if you are a completionist, though they will take less time to complete then any of the Seriously achievements in the Gears games.
  • Zonrith1Zonrith1605,042
    Posted on 23 March 15 at 04:38, Edited on 23 March 15 at 04:41 by Zonrith1
    I'm a bit surprised I didn't see anyone mention Shadowrun in the comments (maybe I just overlooked it).

    Almost all the achievements are MP, which isn't surprising since it is an MP game. However, a number of them are so grindy or situation-specific that they begged for boosting (and you needed a number of people for a boost session because minimum-player thresholds were required for achievements to unlock; I think 8 gamers minimum). A few choice examples:

    ShadowrunThat's One Frustrated SniperThe That's One Frustrated Sniper achievement in Shadowrun worth 28 pointsBlock ten sniper shots with Wired Reflexes.

    Sure, it auto-blocks (if you aren't too close), but you have to activate it first. For a sniper. Who you probably don't see and so you don't know they are going to snipe you.

    ShadowrunMine Is The Superior PlatformThe Mine Is The Superior Platform achievement in Shadowrun worth 233 pointsKill 100 enemies on the opposite platform.

    This was actually easy for me because I was one of the few people who actually owned this for Windows and not 360, but good luck even meeting 100 Windows players, much less killing them, naturally. There are a couple others like this (requiring cross-platform stuff) but this one is the worst of them.

    ShadowrunSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Shadowrun worth 98 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Properly named achievement, but I'll go ahead and say impossible without boosting. There is no invincibility Star to find in this game to make this practical in any way. This isn't just you killing everyone on the other team without taking any damage... NO ONE on your team can damage the enemy team's players.

    ShadowrunMaster ThiefThe Master Thief achievement in Shadowrun worth 85 pointsDeliver the Artifact untouched despite heavy defense.

    Think capture the flag. You must score while the enemy side has at least four players within 10 feet of the return point. But, oh yeah, you also can't take any damage.

    Anyway, there are more like this, on top of the long, grinding ones. I did two or three boost sessions on this, and gave up bothering to finish up the rest because it was so boring (naturally, the sessions are long because there are 7 people with you trying to earn all this crap).

    I've faced some brutal and boring achievement lists (hello Lost Planet 2), but Shadowrun I think was the worst I've ever really seen, being the dreaded combination of almost entirely MP-only in nature, and most of that split between long grinds and "achievements" that are so luck-based that they can only be boosted to obtain. Meh.
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