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Information Posted on 09 February 14 at 00:01
Zonrith1 has just submitted some Game Info for Deadlight.

These changes are for All Regions.

Genre change from Action-Adventure to Platformer
Sub Genre change from Survival Horror to [No Sub-Genre]

Zonrith1 said:
Deadlight, while having zombies as a plot device, is not predominately a Survival Horror title. Instead, the chief mechanic on display is one of Platformer.

Here's a link to some footage of the game allowing you to see how it actually plays:

Now, the definition of Survival Horror on this site is:
Survival Horror games give the player limited resources to survive in a hostile environment. Players tend to feel powerless and vulnerable compared to their enemies and often have to run away instead of fighting. The main goal is to explore the world and find tools to survive while looking for ways to advance in the game’s dimensions.

I've underlined the key area of objection. This game is not about exploration, it's a Point A to Point B trek with the main objective surmounting obstacles (some being the zombies, most being the environment). The game does employ tools, but their use is not central (axe, slingshot, pistol, and shotgun; no real inventory management, either). That's not to say that the game doesn't make you use these items, but rather their main role is mostly around platforming puzzles (shooting a lock open, smashing through a barrier with your axe, etc.). Indeed, any area where you *have* to shoot zombies you are given a nearby, infinite supply of ammo for at least one weapon, thereby negating the common Survival Horror approach of supply management.

Now, the definition of Platformer:
Platformers feature obstacle course levels which the player is tasked with navigating through to the end. The most common platforming mechanic is jumping over pits or from ledge to ledge, but other variations do exist. Correct timing or aiming of the jump is necessary to avoid death or falling to an earlier part of the level.

This mechanic is the obvious central feature. As my video link above demonstrates, this game is all about leaping on ledges and navigating around an environment. Many falls just require you to try again, some are fatal and some require you to re-clear jumps you already made. Bottom-line, the game is an obstacle course.

Really, outside of the plot involving zombies, the only really horror you have to survive is the terrible voice acting. As such, I request this game be reclassified to the more appropriate genre of Platformer. Thanks for reading!
Q u 4 lK e
Q u 4 lK e
Posted on 10 February 14 at 19:52
I agree 100% with this. Survival horror is a joke of a classification here. It's a platformer through and through.
WebChimp UK
WebChimp UK
Posted on 22 April 14 at 20:12
Thanks for the submission, Zonrith1.

We've discussed this as a team, and have arrived at the same conclusion as you, that this title would be better classified within the Platformer - [No Sub] genre. The core gameplay focuses mainly around navigating obstacles, and there are a variety of features common to survival horror games which this title lacks. The genre has now been set to Platformer - [No Sub].

Thanks for the submission. toast
Information Posted on 22 April 14 at 20:28
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