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Red Stripe Deals: January 29th, 2015

  • MakeMeACoffeeMakeMeACoffee1,403,762
    Posted on 30 January 15 at 15:40
    you might need windows 8.1 aswell as as wp8.1?
  • DragonlingDragonling809,592
    Posted on 30 January 15 at 20:39
    rocking23nf said:funny I have 1 month left on my contract and cant wait to get rid of my HTC 8x, what a garbage phone, never again buying a HTC phone.Totally agree the 8x was terrible. You should check out their new HTC One (M8) though. It's frikin' sweet, especially with the dot case.
  • ADaughenADaughen424,636
    Posted on 30 January 15 at 21:26
    MakeMeACoffee said:you might need windows 8.1 aswell as as wp8.1?I got Win8.1 after I got the game, but I'm 8.1 on both. Of course, I might need to turn off Dev mode on the phone. That has caused odd issues (releasing BlueTooth devices, etc).
  • RigggedyRektRigggedyRekt116,067
    Posted on 31 January 15 at 16:28
    Looks like it's worth $2. Going to check it out.
  • Posted on 31 January 15 at 17:28
    You don't have to play them at the same time. I played WP and then played Win 8 6 months later. They're both 100% completed. And it's enjoyable enough to play through twice. I might even do it a third time on Xbox.
  • Posted on 02 February 15 at 19:26
    There is a glitch, its just not 100 % of the time. I'd rather not start something with a known issue, unless I had all 3 games ready to save/load. Hopefully the 360 version will go GwG, its really not worth $12 total, just to make sure not to glitch on the third version.
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