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Egypt stages glitched

Posted on 24 September 14 at 18:47, Edited on 28 September 14 at 23:33 by Anubseth
Hello guys,

This game is driving me crazy. At first it won't update, then it would freeze in the Menu screen, then it would freeze after each stage (meaning a reboot each stage completed). I soon found out that this was related to the game's sound. It seemed glitched, with some freezing parts (before freezing screens) and I turned off all of the game sounds. All this problems were solved. But now, I can't play the Egypt levels. I got stuck in the stages loading screen, but the game doesn't freeze, so it just don't enter. I didn't found anyone with this issue, so I don't know what to do. I will change the device of the game and see if it got fixed. I may even try playing in another console, but I'm not sure I'll be able to do it. Can I download it from my download history after it being delisted?

Hope someone can give me a light before Oct 15th!

Alright, the game had some problem within. Unistalling and Installing again solved everything (now I can even hear the music properly).
Gleaming Cube
Gleaming Cube
Posted on 30 September 14 at 12:07
I don't have the same problems you're having with the Egypt levels but my music is all over the place as well, just in the menus at the moment it seems. This thing is making me nervous, I need to get it finished! laugh
Does this smell like chloroform to you?
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