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I don't can play

Posted on 14 June 14 at 18:18
sorry to post on a dead topic and now a dead game, I downloaded this at the time it launched, played it for the first few days, then got the error at the title screen, left it a few weeks came back and still the same, so left it until recently, when i heard it was going to be stopped online.

So I thought I'll have another crack at it, but it still asks or tells you to download the new CC2 content, you do that and it gets to 37% then error unavaliable. I've redownloaded from DL history I've deleted everything to start again and still nothing.

I ran thru both Crash course and the windows 8 crash course go for the 200G's on both, had hoped to run thu CC2 but looks like its not with the hassle.
Posted on 20 September 14 at 19:30, Edited on 20 September 14 at 19:31 by Anubseth
Mickey, although this may not help you now, I found a workaround for this (as I had the same problem): I changed the HDMI input for my PC and let the download happen without actually seeing it. IDK about you, but the game sounds were all weird when I first played the game, and even after the download it bugged while playing. I discovered that my game sounds are broken, and turning every sound off while playing did the trick. I just need to change the TV input when entering the game (while loading) so that it runs smoothly.
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