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Cheats & Exclusive Codes

Posted on 10 February 14 at 23:37
Everyone's rounding up cheats for this game, so we might as well do it here! It won't speed up your game by much (at least unless red brick cheats are found). The second part of this thread is what I really wanted to share.

UOOAQY: Emmet (Lizard)
UP7HJQ: Mrs. Scratchen Post
K7TDXJ: Larry the Barista

Exclusive Characters + Pants:
6LKMNDHR | HVLLRX6R: Blacktron Fan & Musical Pants
(These codes were shared on the net, I'm assuming from Lego merch).

Enter the 6 digit codes by pressing "Start > Extras > Enter Code"
Enter the 8 digit codes by finding the box next to the police station in Bricksberg.
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