Game Discussion: Wordament Snap Attack (Android)

Every achievement unlocks OFFLINE!

  • Madtown BMadtown B283,098
    Posted on 06 August 14 at 22:41Permalink
    This game ruined my 158 day streak because all the achievements unlocked offline.

    Don't make the same mistake I did if you are working on a streak! Double check the stamp!
  • Posted on 07 August 14 at 00:25Permalink
    Did you get your gamer-scores for unlocking the achievements?
  • Posted on 07 August 14 at 00:32Permalink
    I noticed that the IOS version did the same thing to me too. Oh well mine was only like a 10 day streak.
  • Madtown BMadtown B283,098
    Posted on 07 August 14 at 22:16Permalink
    CrackedEnd said:Did you get your gamer-scores for unlocking the achievements?I did get the gamerscore, but because there were no timestamps on them, it broke my consecutive day streaks. It would be pretty nice if TrueAchievements had icon or something too denote an Offline Achievement in your feed. I just saw them unlock in my feed for the day, and assumed I was good to go.
  • MMMDIMMMDI781,727
    Posted on 08 August 14 at 07:26Permalink
    Exactly why I asked about it here... I was worried about getting burned by something like this.

    Question about date handling

    Maybe some kind of icon in the feed would be the way to go?
  • petranatpetranat361,404
    Posted on 18 August 14 at 17:18Permalink
    I unlocked three achievements offline, but only got the gamerscore for one achievement (the other two don't show up on or TA). The rest of the achievements won't unlock for me now. Has anybody else had this issue, or a similar issue, or is it just me? Any ideas on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Larvi1Larvi11,399,162
    Posted on 26 September 14 at 19:13Permalink
    Same problem here with the achievements unlocking offline. I never thought to check as Wordament can't even be played offline. I lost my 280+ day streak because of this.
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