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Progress Reset!

  • o SeduLOUs oo SeduLOUs o638,476
    Posted on 20 May 14 at 16:07
    Gah. Game just crashed on me and on restarting all of my upgrades are gone!

    No cloud save for this game?

    Any ideas how I can restore it?
    Posted on 02 July 14 at 09:35
    Have you had any help on this? Mine has reset angry
  • o SeduLOUs oo SeduLOUs o638,476
    Posted on 02 July 14 at 10:48
    Nope never got anywhere with it, just started over and kept my fingers crossed.

    Someone on FB said they got their progress back by restoring their PC to a previous state but I never tried it as it seemed a bit too extreme.

    There is a cloud save, but if your game crashes it seems to wipe itself, so your global stats are still there but all the upgrades disappear D:
  • SrfsmurfSrfsmurf405,220
    Posted on 10 August 14 at 23:37
    this just happened with me too..
  • WnxLoganWnxLogan190,168
    Posted on 30 August 14 at 05:01, Edited on 30 August 14 at 18:06 by WnxLogan
    Just had all of my items reset too. Fuck this pos game. I'm not doing all of that again.
  • Posted on 30 August 14 at 06:25
    Ive had this three times now, the only thing that has worked for me so far is putting the Cat 5 cable from the router into the PC, with the wireless its seems to just disconnect randomly

    I had the same problems with Gunstringer, this would disconnect and stop you playing the game such as losing the progress for played each day
  • Posted on 17 September 14 at 20:07
    I had the problem where at about Level 40 to 50, the game would crash and completely and reset to Level 0. I would have to start all over again. This happened consistently and I don't think I ever got past level 58.

    At some point I noticed that the my hard drive was pretty full (on the screen showing how full the disk is, the bar was red). I deleted some content to get it back to green and since then the game has not reset. I am now at about level 90. I am playing on a Surface RT running 8.1.

    The game has crashed completely three times during this period, but each time it started back at the level I was when it crashed and I got all my items back that I had spent on the level prior to the crash. Maybe this will help someone.
  • NalPleGoreNalPleGore299,136
    Posted on 01 December 14 at 22:02
    OMG !!!!! angry

    The game have just crashed for me and i back to level 1 angryangry

    Level progress and stuff prograss are reset. Just the total amount of gold during game still in the stat
  • Posted on 17 December 14 at 16:33
    I was at level 101, waiting for the final upgrade to finally decide to show up when it first happened to me. Lost it all. Restarted the game without the same enthusiasm and eventually it happened again. My pc is new so the HD being full is unlikely.
  • o SeduLOUs oo SeduLOUs o638,476
    Posted on 17 December 14 at 20:09
    I tried talking to MS Games via facebook about it back in the day, but I don't think they even knew what I was talking about. They kept talking about global stats being saved in the cloud and couldn't seem to comprehend that it was the upgrades that were the problem.
  • Rowdy185Rowdy185476,348
    Posted on 20 December 14 at 11:08
    Same happened to me, but even without a crash. I was playing the game and my tablet died from low battery. After I charged it, I went to my game and I found I was back to level 0. F this grind and all these m$ casual games!!!
  • xXOdessaXxxXOdessaXx657,216
    Posted on 10 January 15 at 21:07
    My progress reset as well. I was saving the folder to keep progression on my Tablet, which seems to work. I am also trying to do the same on my laptop, but there are a lot of files to keep saving.

    Anyone know which files will keep a backup of your progress? I tried saving the file but when I replaced it after dying it did not go back to that point.
  • branstoneboybranstoneboy414,252
    Posted on 18 May 15 at 21:38
    Still no solution yet I'm guessing? Well I can't be bothered to do all of that again, I'm getting the easy 5 minute Achievements in this game then uninstalling it.
  • Ditto51Ditto51227,223
    Posted on 06 June 15 at 15:22
    Has anyone found anything, I just started it up and all of my progress has been rest. Rather annoying to because I just got four hearts and 8 dynamite...angry
  • sirthomas420sirthomas420420,348
    Posted on 14 June 15 at 23:34
    ughhh, same just happened to me. Came here hoping for a solution :( Its crashed on me a few times but never reset me until just now.
  • pauljwinwoodpauljwinwood375,262
    Posted on 14 August 15 at 01:35
    I've also had this problem, I noticed that the game sometimes disconnects from Xbox live on my laptop. I will try using a cable instead of using WiFi and see if it helps. Luckily for me I was only at level 7 when this started happening.
  • Posted on 22 September 15 at 15:19
    I had this happen to me last night upon entering a gold mine. It would not load the video and then crashed and closed. Upon re-opening I was back at level 1 with no progress. I was only on level 12, but still frustrating.
  • ALollzALollz706,980
    Posted on 14 January 16 at 05:40
    Wow, I just had this happen to me to.

    Really frustrating as I don't feel like grinding nearly all of the upgrades again. What a waste of time.
  • kabobleskabobles804,826
    Posted on 11 May 16 at 22:26
    this is still happenin...
  • Posted on 06 June 16 at 22:48
    I also experienced the crash, 5 hearts, 25 pickaxes, dynamite and maps. Everything went to zero, and 3 hearts. Fortunately the day before I had created an image of partition C: which I restored and everything worked fine. But I don't think reinstalling Windows is the solution, because all your data will be lost. I'm using W10 Pro, and the system won't allow me to copy the directory the game is intalled or selected files from there. So, create an image or forget about it!
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