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2033 and Last Light split

Posted on 26 February 15 at 21:11
Is there anyway we can have special markers to specify which achievements correspond with each game perhaps? I feel like that would save a lot of time for all of us considering how we have to figure out by comparing to the separate lists.
Posted on 13 April 15 at 21:18
Just go to the Metro2033/LL-Redux list of the digital version.
Slifer II
Slifer II
Posted on 08 July 15 at 00:54
Where do we find the list for those games?
Even I would like to have specifications regarding what achievements belong to which game.
II Rich Hobo II
Posted on 08 July 15 at 11:09
Just search metro light light redux or metro 2033 redux in the search bar on the right.
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