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Is this game butt?

Posted on 06 June 15 at 20:07
I didn't know what I was doing on my first playthrough. 15-20 hours, while getting all miscellaneous achievements except Manifest Destiny.
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Frankies Back
Frankies Back
Posted on 06 June 15 at 20:15
Thanks for answering me so quickly. I was just wondering because i wanted to do a blind play through first and not look at the achievement guides then go back and do the ones i missed on a second play through.
Posted on 06 June 15 at 21:29
You'd need 3 playthroughs doing that. Probably need 3 anyway without a step by step guide (of which there are none).
Posted on 07 June 15 at 16:55, Edited on 07 June 15 at 16:55 by Croaker111
Poopdog M60Riot said:Is anyone else running into save file errors? Says some saves can't be found and the autosave makes me go back to battle before the time it actually states.

Ex: autosave says Year 288 but when loaded it's the start of the battle from Year 274.
Also all save files from Year 274-288 can't be found.

It's happened to me twice now and once on the final battle, so I'm going to take a break from this shit.

Haha and one of my final guys was 102... I guess we'll see if he ends up dying trying to get back there. :/
This has happened to me several times. Most of the time I had enough saves to not lose a lot but when I got to the final battle the first time there were 10 saves corrupted and I had to restart about 8 years back. Really annoying.

My Immortal character was 332 years old in the final battle:

Croaker111 playing MASSIVE CHALICE
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