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Warning! Game fatal glitch possible in Chapter 13.

  • Posted on 02 February 12 at 07:40Permalink
    Played today, and when you get to the end of chapter 13 you get to an array that has 3 floors decked on top of each other, at the bottom you fight black elite brute. For some reason a glitch occurs where a hack panel at the bottom does not appear. A giveaway that the game glitched is that there are few enemies, and occasionally the game really messes up and a group of slashers can be seen running in place on the bottom floor. Restarts do not help!! You have to find a save sometime before and play through again, and hope the glich does not hit you again.

    Keep several save files.
  • KingMerlsKingMerls115,146
    Posted on 05 July 12 at 21:26Permalink
    well im thinking of buying the dead space series soon......
  • Flying ChipsFlying Chips107,545
    Posted on 24 August 12 at 01:15Permalink
    Got this glitch, had only one save. Never playing again, not wasting 9 more hours. What a crock of shite!
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 05 September 12 at 19:20Permalink
    @Kira J Masaki - by "For some reason a glitch occurs where a hack panel at the bottom does not appear." you mean that its really not there, or screen is just black? I have black screen (in others hack panels it was blue with some words) and i have click A and i have hacked it. Maybe try again?
    PS. Sorry for my english.
  • Flying ChipsFlying Chips107,545
    Posted on 07 September 12 at 22:34Permalink
    The actual panel isn't there. The hole in the wall is there but no hacking terminal. You can't do anything but walk around the same room continuosly.
  • DonietscheDonietsche341,003
    Posted on 19 October 18 at 16:50, Edited on 19 October 18 at 16:53 by DonietschePermalink
    I know this is an old thread, but you never know, someone may end up having the same issue that a few of us experienced (including myself, on my zealot run)... long story short, the glitch happens when the necromorphs (or even only a few of them) in the two upper rooms can't spawn properly. Normally they should come out of the walls, but for some reason it may happen that their scripted patterns will glitch.

    For unknown reasons, this will also cause the panel in the (last) room with the brute to go a.w.o.l.,, effectively breaking the game.

    Reverting to the save point right outside the first room won't solve the issue, apparently if the game glitches, it will happen BEFORE that.

    I was lucky enough to have a save right after the beginning of chapter 13, I replayed up to that infamous point (with a few saves in-between) and everything was fine (thanks God).

    bottom line: even if you're used to overwriting your save-game, remember to create a separate file for chapter 13!
  • dymagatedymagate558,039
    Posted on 13 May 19 at 04:20Permalink
    Well it's still happening to people it seems as it just happened to me. So disappointed as I was really enjoying myself too. Got a save about an hour before this happened but I can't be bothered retreading that just now. Time for a break methinks!
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