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Heap of Windows Phone Titles Delisted

  • Posted on 28 September 13 at 14:30, Edited on 28 September 13 at 14:31 by itsamultipass
    sm182 said:
    Lovely digital future we're heading for...
    Exactly what I'm thinking. It disgusts me every time I hear that a game was delisted. And these a$$hats wanted to try and take us into the 'digital future'? Right, so I can play my games for a couple years then be forced to keep them on my hard drive or in storage, or God forbid I should buy them 2 years late and they're not available anymore...
  • Posted on 28 September 13 at 20:05
    I wonder if it is related to this:

    I notice most of the games listed do not have any info on the price of in game currency so they would need an update.. I'm guessing it's cheaper and easier to remove them from the store, rather than update them accordingly..
  • GR4V1G0R3GR4V1G0R3252,506
    Posted on 29 September 13 at 11:56
    a digital only future is good, if it works like steam, where they don't remove games for no reason [I don't remember any game ever vanishing from steam]

    i'm not sure if MS want to save on storage space or whatever, but they constantly get rid of things that don't sell well, or doesn't update when they change their methods [which they do yearly] - I bet most devs don't do this because MS charge for patches, almost every game requires a day one patch - if you're going to enforce changes MS, you must let the devs patch it for free, or give the game a pass - stop taking peoples things away from them [although, I forgot, MS & sony got the laws of ownership changed to suit them - so we don't own shit, we lease it]

    but, what pisses me off most is the number of people who rally to defend MS, all of the issues are their fault, they badly run a poor online service, that morons will stand behind, whilst losing content left, right and centre - throwing abuse at anyone who mentions how much better another service is - if we don't complain, they will carry on getting worse until they charge you to turn on your console, and then take all your things away - even then, MS fans will say, these are mere 1st world problems, other people cant get food....well, stop paying MS so much money and send it to Africa or wherever it's needed if that's your fucking opinion, rather than aiding in the destruction of the gaming industry, assholes

    the BBC thing was about F2P games that charge for either play time or a unit of in game currency or whatever that enables you to play [based on an oldish news story where some kid got a £1600 bill for playing an F2P iphone game and buying things in game, because although you can setup a pass-lock on the store, the in game stores aren't governed by this and children sometimes don't know that the ingame stores are charging real money

    the way they spoke in the news story, they were talking like it was paying to play online...well, that's the ancient BBC for you, they just worded things terribly, as we've been in that situation since the XBL / MMO's arrived - what they meant was in game stores that have no lock on the ability to buy items.....personally, I would suggest stop buying fucking iphones and what not for children under 12 who have no sense of monetary value - or get contracts / PAYG that do not allow transactions on the store, using the web iTunes store to buy games for their children...

    so, yes - but no, BBC just messed up with the wording of the story because they don't really know what they're talking about....they were talking about things like the crystals for crimson dragon, coin packs for various other games, and some which you pay for game time [none on WP as far as I know, but I don't play much/anything with microtransactions] like how back in the day, they talked about games as if they were all aimed at young children, even though some of them had a massive 18 rating on the front cover.....typical hysterical media reporting on things they don't understand
  • LawlessBagelLawlessBagel1,166,628
    Posted on 30 September 13 at 16:17
    Well bought most of these on my WP7 phone. Hopefully I didn't delete any of them. I'll have to check tonight
  • DavidinCTDavidinCT138,274
    Posted on 08 October 13 at 20:01
    V1p3rs bite said:
    Damn, tentacles was always in my sights but I never actually purchased after it dropped to .99. Crap.
    I had it for WP7 but, when I upgraded to WP8, it would not work any more :(

    it sucks that I sold my WP7 device toget a WP8 device..
  • geodile42geodile42606,200
    Posted on 14 April 16 at 06:04
    Yesterday my lumia640 has updated from w8.1 to last w10, so now I can redownload from purchases history all delisted games. Such as Mirror's Edge, Chickens Can't Fly, Tentackles, Monster Burner etc
  • Posted on 08 May 21 at 03:17
    geodile42 said:
    Yesterday my lumia640 has updated from w8.1 to last w10, so now I can redownload from purchases history all delisted games. Such as Mirror's Edge, Chickens Can't Fly, Tentackles, Monster Burner etc
    This is a nice title. Why did Microsoft drop it?
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