Game Discussion: Hitman GO (WP)

Has anyone been able to unlock achievements on the Windows 8 version?

  • segagamersegagamer455,929 455,929 GamerScore
    Posted on 03 May 15 at 07:25Permalink
    There isn't a forum for the W8 game on this site, so I've had to ask here. The W8 version has the Xbox banner, unlocking achievements brings up the standard achievement notification, but they don't appear on my gamertag... Is this happening with anyone else?

    The fact that it's not even listed on here on Xbox Achievements makes me think that they haven't even implemented it yet, which is odd considering the achievement notification that appears...
  • EddieM1974EddieM1974374,841
    Posted on 03 May 15 at 19:58Permalink
    Yep, the same happened to me. Nothing to do but wait it out and hope the win8 also gets live synced.
  • CNote824CNote824472,543
    Posted on 04 May 15 at 21:43Permalink
    Same here. Hoping they fix this! I already had this on my Android tablet and only purchased it on my Surface for the achievements.
  • Posted on 06 May 15 at 08:58Permalink
    Win8 version is now online, Does the game sync achievements or do you need to re-earn them?
  • Posted on 18 May 15 at 13:56, Edited on 18 May 15 at 14:24 by Bastian BohacPermalink
    Well, Xbox Live and therefore TA doesn't even recognize I played the Win8 version of the game.
    I just "unlocked" "Time Waster" on Win8 but it doesn't appear anywhere and also it does not sync to my WP8 version.
    The Win8 version is not even listed anywhere for my Gamertag.

    I just removed the game from my Win8 machine and reinstalled it. Achievement count was zero, but now when earning a new achievement it is unlocked in my Xbox live account.
    Sadly no sync between WP8 and Win8, but at least I can earn those achievements now.
  • qwxxqwxx508,575
    Posted on 09 June 15 at 21:34Permalink
    I just opened the game and never realized the three achievements I had from May 7th weren't ever synced. I am now +15 from the now synced achievements.
  • AmethystineAmethystine942,335
    Posted on 30 December 16 at 18:34Permalink
    Has anything else ever happened on this front?

    I just started it and got a bunch of achievements, and they're being tracked by TA here, but don't seem to show up in my xbox app's achievement section. The game's in-app menu has a list of achievements, but when I go to look at the list of all my achievements, it doesn't show Hitman Go at all.
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