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transformers rise of the dark spark xbox one game crashing an freazing

  • Posted on 16 July 14 at 09:55Permalink
    has anyone else had this game fail to load or crash mine freezing loading the campaign and escalation most of the time ive uninstalled and re installed and it still doing it any help wold be good
  • Posted on 20 August 14 at 22:32Permalink
    Yup me too. I can't even load up a game of escalation because it's stuck at the loading screen. And I can't quite a game without is staying at the screen where it says "Quiting game".
  • Posted on 24 August 14 at 20:13, Edited on 24 August 14 at 20:14 by Psych0 Matt93Permalink
    good trick is to load sp offline then connect when loaded only way i could play it i got into esclatlion only two times so i dunno why its bugged for some
  • FL trooper beFL trooper be1,313,061
    Posted on 03 September 15 at 15:22Permalink
    Same probleem here Guy's. Game freezes At First loadscreen or warps Me back To the dashboard Time after time
    FL trooper be
  • Posted on 30 September 15 at 12:49Permalink
    I am having the same exact problem :(
    Gaming 4 Life
  • Posted on 07 September 16 at 15:53Permalink
    My son can play the game without problems and I only can play offline, same Xbox One.
  • AboveHunterAboveHunter408,137
    Posted on 07 January 18 at 22:29Permalink
    Same here honestly my game just crashes and crashes and crashes and it hurts!
  • Posted on 26 February 18 at 09:46Permalink
    Are you playing off the disc or digital?
    You ever wonder why we're here?
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