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Weird achievement problem....

Posted on 13 November 14 at 01:55
So last night I threw AC Rogue into the 'ol 360 and played for a little bit, just to check it out. I popped the 1st achievement, and called it a night

I was on my XB1 and saw that I had 0 GS in Rogue, so I clicked on the game, and it said I unlocked 1 achievement on 11/11. I got on my 360, and the same thing. Both from the dash and from the menu it says I have 0GS, but when I click on the game, I ach unlocked.

Soooo. I check Same damn thing! 0 GS w no ach's unlocked, but when I click on the ach's, 1 unlocked for 20GS (Unlocked 23 hrs ago).

I DID unlock this while connected to the internet, and when I refreshed my GS on here, it shows no sign of the achievement. I mean, XBL says I did and didn't unlock it....has anyone had this happen before???
Posted on 13 November 14 at 19:04
My friend is having the same problem with hexic HD he has 11 cheevos but I only see 10/12 for him I think redownloading profile may fix this and deleting your cache try both and it should be fixed :D
Posted on 13 November 14 at 20:16
I had that problem with Magic 2015, it took nearly a month before the achievement showed as unlocked everywhere...
Posted on 14 November 14 at 20:50
This happened to me while playing Dragon Age last week. The cheevo unlocked fully after I earned the next achievement.
Posted on 15 November 14 at 04:26
I appreciate the input guys- it finally popped for me today, just at random (I didn't even play the game)- it now shows as won.
Posted on 04 December 14 at 17:42, Edited on 04 December 14 at 17:43 by Rowdawg88
I am experiencing the same thing.

I unlocked 2 achievements for "AC Rogue" the 1st night I played it. I checked later and saw in some menu options on xboxlive that I only unlocked the 1st achievement but could see the icon for both achievements. I then played "Legendary" and unlocked the 50th achievement in that game. I saw that I unlocked the achievement (meaning that I could see the icon) but did not see an update for my total achievements (it was stuck at 49/50) and total gamerscore (stuck at 955/1000). I then played AC Rogue the next day and unlocked a 3rd achievement and this seemed to make the console/profile to update properly showing the correct amount of achievements and gamerscore.

I guess a "solution" is to unlock more achievements to get your profile to recognize what you have unlocked. My problem is that I do not have anymore achievements left in "Legendary" to unlock.

I have tried clearing my cache 3x, then erasing profile only, turning off system and router, turning everything back on and recovering my profile but could not get my system to properly update "Legendary".

Similar to "liviaro", I am hoping that my achievement counter and gamerscore counter will hopefully update this correctly in a month or so.

I am not sure what the problem actually was. Maybe that day xboxlive could not handle new games like AC Rogue and The Halo Master Chief Collection coming out? My issues started around 9pm central time on 11/11/2014 and lasted sometime through the next day.
Wolf of Fenric
Posted on 27 January 15 at 08:56
I'm having the same problem. Last night I unlocked an achievement wort 10gs (which gave me 90195), I check this morning to find the achievement unlocked but my Gamerscore went down by 10. The achievement is unlocked here but not the Gamerscore. Apart from unlocking other achievements, does anyone else have a solution to sorting this out?
Kaizoku Umi
Kaizoku Umi
Posted on 27 January 15 at 15:49, Edited on 27 January 15 at 15:50 by Kaizoku Umi
The Problem you are experiencing lies within an error that can occur when you get an achievement where a part of the data (the png and the .dat file for the achievement) corrupt itself ..Only solution is to gain other achievements so the datalog can be refreshed or simply wait until the Scanners recognize that the file is corrupted and repairs itself while being connected to xbl over time
Posted on 29 January 15 at 22:42
^^^ That's not entirely true, at least the only solution part. If you still have other achievements in a game, popping other achievements in the same game MIGHT fix it, but not necessarily. Popping achievements in other games MIGHT fix it, but not necessarily. Waiting for it to fix itself works in some cases, but not all cases. I had this problem in a different game, and nothing changed or was fixed on it's own, despite being this way for about a month. Others in the thread have had this problem for as long as 2+ years. It wasn't until after I posted in an xbox forums thread (link below) that this was addressed, and then fixed. Forum Support staff has been incredibly helpful with "bubbling up" peoples' info to the "appropriate teams." Not sure which team that was, but it was apparently the right one, because within a few days of having my info "bubbled up", it was fixed, and showing correctly in all places. And, to reiterate, it only took a few days, too. While waiting and hoping it will somehow fix itself is, by definition, an option, it's not one I would recommend. I highly suggest posting in the forums, as there have been many, many people who have been helped (including myself) in regards to this particular issue, and in a much, much more timely manner. I figure it can't hurt, especially if nothing else is helping...

Here's the thread I posted in. As you can see, it is a long one, with a lot of folks having this problem. And as you can also see, almost everyone in the thread has been helped.

Hopefully, others will get the same positive results that I did. toast
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Posted on 29 April 15 at 20:23
@Impdaddyzer0, thank you so much for posting the link to that forum! Within 10 minutes of posting my problem, it was fixed!

Highly recommended going to that link above!
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