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XBL Content Roundup: October 14th, 2014 [UPDATE]

  • misfit119misfit119914,090
    Posted on 15 October 14 at 21:56Permalink
    DanSutton said:Why defend this anyway?
    Vindicate the way these developers and Microsoft swindle and steal.
    Thanks for being such a snide prick about it too.
    ErGO fuck yourself.
    Because while some people, like clearly yourself, see it as them somehow stealing content from the gamer, others view it as getting free stuff if you buy it at a select retailer and then everyone else can buy it. Not everyone feels that we are entitled to free stuff, so when DLC comes out like this we're happy to have extra content and not just eagerly jumping to bitch about its existence.

    There is no swindling and stealing if you simply choose not to buy it if you disagree with it. That's an advanced concept these days though.
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  • PlacidAtaxiaPlacidAtaxia945,978
    Posted on 15 October 14 at 22:26Permalink
    Misfit I see your point. Thank you for a replying without berating my intelligence. I get that its free if you preordered and its a great marketing idea. I just don't see it as an incentive to preorder even though I'm glad that at least there is something to gain from doing so. I mainly get frustrated that dlc never depreciates in value, while games do as they age. Mass Effect 2 for example. In order to purchase all the dlc costs around $40 while you can get a copy of the game itself for next to nothing these days. I'm not upset with preorder incentives and more with severely overpriced old content. I didn't articulate my argument though so I see how it has gotten misconstrued.
    Why do defend this anyway? Vindicate the way they swindle and steal? Thanks for being such a snide prick asshole about too. Ergo fuck yourself.
  • misfit119misfit119914,090
    Posted on 16 October 14 at 05:42Permalink
    Yay! Civil discussion, go team go! toast

    Yeah I see your point there and its pretty aggravating. A good example is the Stranglehold DLC, expensive and never seen a price drop. Unfortunately this is part of the reason why Microsoft not being ready for the digital age, as they seemingly wanted to go with the Xboner, was so negatively met in my office. Their online products, no matter their age, never devalue. Even if the company goes under, even if the rights are sitting in limbo, the digital game and DLC might just sit on the marketplace at full price seven years after its come out.

    It's the main reason I do most of my purchases only when games / DLC are on sale if I'm going to purchase digital. It might hurt the companies I don't want it to but they're not incentivizing me to enjoy my consoles going so heavily digital quite yet. Until they do I'm not going to be getting bilked, but I also really can't be assed to complain about it since you vote with your wallet nowadays and so I do so rather bluntly and simply - no buy. Or buy physical copies only and to heck with DLC.
    Looking to boost any MP achievements I don't have for any game I own.
  • Pixie NinjaPixie Ninja1,211,913
    Posted on 16 October 14 at 11:54Permalink
    Looks like The Walking Dead has now been removed from sale - it was showing up as £19.99 yesterday, and now that I go to buy it, it's showing as Unavailable with a release date of 31/10/2014.
  • poochz0rzpoochz0rz232,846
    Posted on 16 October 14 at 12:05Permalink
    adamrulz said:poochz0rz said:So just to be clear, the digital version of The Walking Dead Season 1 does not include 400 days, but the retail version will? I assume the retail version will be $30/$40 though.That makes sense now. Retail from Amazon was $29.99. Now I know why. Thanks!Eh, I'm still not sure. It's just that the description doesn't clarify. It just says it has five parts. The achievements for 400 days is on the site, but I would hope it's included for both or we'd have to wait for a 400 Days digital release.
  • Posted on 16 October 14 at 19:22Permalink
  • SashamorningSashamorning1,829,425
    Posted on 22 October 14 at 02:22, Edited on 22 October 14 at 02:24 by SashamorningPermalink
    I absolutely love that they remade the last mission from Alien. I don't care if it's $4, I don't care if it doesn't have achievements, that is one of the best scenes in any film ever. Nice work.

    (And no, this wasn't a pre-order bonus. I was shocked as hell when I saw it in the store.)
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