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Shadow Warrior achievements are now on the site

Information Posted on 15 October 14 at 00:39
Shadow Warrior has 53 Achievements worth 1000 GamerScore
Posted on 18 October 15 at 20:36
As any one done chaptor 16 ? Having a hard time with it
l Tom Nelson l
Posted on 19 October 15 at 21:26
If its the courtyard your having trouble with just run around the outskirts firing rpg/fire bombs and dual smg into the herd of them watch out for the dual sword guys you use the knock down power then either charge crossbow to the head or use then up up sword attack

hope this helps
Posted on 06 November 15 at 15:56
It depends on the difficulty you're playing. In lower difficulties it's just slash and pray. In higher ones you need to choose the right enemies.
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