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    Please use this thread to discuss the Assassins Creed walkthrough
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    Regarding the Assasin's Creed walkthrough.
    The Walkthrough summary mentions there are three missable achievements.
    The walkthrough overview mentions four missable achievements.
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    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 04 June 11 at 10:34, Edited on 04 June 11 at 10:44 by Permalink
    The achievement Blade in the Crowd is not entirely a missable achievement by definition, because it requires you to replay at least a whole part of the game (a "Memory Block" half/third) to unlock, not the whole game. It's an achievement which can easily be unlocked at any time once you've finished the game your first time, so I didn't feel necessary to put it exactly under the "missable" definition. Missable achievements worth mentioning are those such as the one for watching 85% of the secondary points of view, for having all the conversations with Lucy, for slaughtering all the targets with the hidden blade alone: they all require basically a new playthrough from scratch to the end. Blade in the Crowd is different from them; in the middle of the way between a missable and a non-missable. This was also explained in the walkthrough itself, in and after the overview, several times.
    Now for example, how would you define the achievements for collecting all the treasures in Resident Evil 5? That's about the same thing, except Blade in the Crowd requires to replay only one Memory Block, not (possibly) all the 6 chapters of RE5 broken down in all their sub-levels.
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    Thanks for this great walkthrough. I just used it while playing through the game (didn't want to miss the missables) and it was extremely helpful. I'm sure I would have messed up the Lucy Dialogs and the memory glitches without it. Also, the link to the interactive website made the flag collecting and Templers tolerable. Thanks again. toast
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    My pleasure ^^
  • JayourJayour843,983
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    I've been putting off going back to this game for so long but with this walkthrough in hand I think I'm gonna tackle it soon! Great work! smile
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    I agree with everyone else’s comments about how great the walkthrough is; I used it to get through this game and would have missed a few things with out it. My only suggestion would be to get the flags and Templars at the same time you are playing through the game. I say this because I found it boring searching for these after I finished the rest of the game; I would further recommend getting the flags and Templars in the "Kingdom" section during "memory block four (4)" as you will need the "grab ledge" ability to get flag number forty (40). Thanks again for your hard work Starlight126.
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    I am not using the WT all the through but I have two things to say:

    1. Thanks for the missable section at the top (this is what I came looking for)

    2. Is there a reason you did give any story detail? I personally don't use that sort of stuff, but others do when stuck etc.
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    Assuming you're asking why I didn't write an actual walkthrough of the story, it's because it would have been a very redundant "kill your target, kill your target, kill your target".

    Also because I still remember what I told Tasty Pastry when I volunteered for this walkthrough. "Don't worry, this one will be more of an achievement guide, there won't be another mess with the proofreaders". But that's another story.
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    Love the Walkthrough it's helping out a bunch just one note though, the descriptions for Eagle's Prey and Eagle's Talon are backwards.
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    I don't know if anyone can improve the WT now since the owner seems to have been removed, but for Conversationalist - Part I, you can go to your room without being locked in, it allows you to eavesdrop on their conversation. Then when they have finished, you can go out of your room to talk to Lucy.

    End of Memory Block 2 :

    You should access the computer near the Animus when Lucy tells you to do so.

    End of Memory Block 3 :

    You should investigate the open closet before you go to rest, you'll get an access code. And when you wake up, try before entering the Animus to steal Vidic's pen.
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