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Boosting Multiplayer Achievements

  • SelFisH ssSelFisH ss240,622
    Posted on 06 May 15 at 03:59Permalink
    Anyone still needs help with the multiplayer achievements, I can help with other friend, We have all the dlc for this game.
  • NismoR034NismoR034624,730
    Posted on 06 May 15 at 09:31Permalink
    I set up a few sessions for this week with an eye to setting up a whole bunch more in the near future until I get my levels done. Perhaps they may suit you?

    Also I still need Mother Goose but have struggled to get enough people together so if you need that too perhaps something can be arranged?
  • GrozniaGroznia312,113
    Posted on 06 June 15 at 01:38Permalink
    I haven't even started the game but would be happy to with any of you at times that would work for me. If not I'll create my own sessions at a later date.
  • Posted on 12 June 15 at 19:46Permalink
    Hello, I'm looking to join some boosting sessions. I have the DLC.

  • Posted on 24 October 15 at 01:32Permalink
    Looking for boosting group for multi player achievements for DLC. Ill help everyone who needs this achievement. I am also in need of those achievements. I am on Xbox pretty much all the time so send me a message any time we also need a total of six players for the Mother Goose achievements and a total of four for the rest of them.
  • Posted on 05 November 15 at 16:27Permalink
    I don't know if anyone is still boosting XPs, but it is the last thing I need to do in this game's MP. I do remember this was one of those games where boosting sessions were happening almost at any given time. Not anymore it seems...

    anyone looking for an extra person for a session, send me a PM over xbox., thanks.

    I have all the DLC if it matters.
  • IKV91IKV911,386,113
    Posted on 07 November 15 at 21:59Permalink
    Also interested in boosting the multiplayer achievements. I do not have any dlc:s.
  • Posted on 10 November 15 at 15:04Permalink
    I'm interested in getting the Territorial and Aqua Incognita achievements. I already have the XP cheevo.
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  • pwndrummerpwndrummer357,479
    Posted on 22 November 15 at 06:41Permalink
    Would love to pick up Territorial, Aqua Incognita, Mother Goose, and Man About Town. Capture the Sister is basically a dead game mode. Not terribly worried about the XP cheevs since those are gonna come naturally from playing. Hit me up I've been actively playing for the last week and will probably be active again after the Thanksgiving Weekend.
  • Posted on 01 December 15 at 10:15Permalink
    I need a help just for capture my first litte sister and won a match in any dlc map :-)
  • The NotoThe Noto340,496
    Posted on 13 December 15 at 20:26Permalink
    I have a session up for December 19. It might be my last session, as I'm currently level 48, but there are still people out there boosting, so feel free to create your own sessions and get together with them.
  • SelFisH ssSelFisH ss240,622
    Posted on 04 February 16 at 16:22Permalink
    I will start this game, however the multilayer is dead right now. I will need people to complete this game. If someone is interested please send me a message. Thanks for your time
  • Posted on 24 February 16 at 14:58Permalink
    if any want to get online cheevos for this game just msg me and we will work together cheers
  • Posted on 09 March 16 at 21:38, Edited on 20 March 16 at 07:09 by Fallout JackalPermalink
    I will be putting up to 2 sessions each and everyday until I'm done. If anyone wanting to get this done feel free to join, otherwise feel free to leave a comment in the sessions with a time that works for you and I will do my best to make sessions for those times.

    Update: I have completed the game so I will be setting up no more sessions.
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  • Pat723Pat723285,800
    Posted on 07 December 16 at 23:26Permalink
    Hey I'm looking to get the Territorial multiplayer DLC achievement. We'll need a group of at least 6. Let me know if interested.

    GT: Pat723
  • Posted on 24 January 17 at 01:53Permalink
    If anyone can help me, I need a help just for won a match in any dlc map =)
  • Posted on 05 February 17 at 01:04Permalink
    I just got the game again and need to finish some multiplayer achievements. I also have all the dlc
  • Posted on 06 February 17 at 22:34Permalink
    Any chance I can boost with anyone?
  • Yo Rumsfie1dYo Rumsfie1d109,016
    Posted on 29 March 17 at 03:44Permalink
    Anyone still play this game? I'd like to work on the multiplayer achievements. If anyone is interested message my on Xbox live.
  • Posted on 10 April 17 at 12:10Permalink
    Set up a session or join one. this isn`t
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