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Natsuki Chronicle Suffers a Delay

  • VixyNyanVixyNyan1,134,150
    Posted on 06 February 15 at 15:46, Edited on 06 February 15 at 20:05 by VixyNyan
    Awww... it's alright, as long as it's still in the works, I can wait~ ^u^
    It'll definitely be as fun as Eschatos and Ginga Force. (same developers)
    Fight, VixyNyan~! For Everlasting Love & Snuggles~!
  • ChaosAlertChaosAlert933,025
    Posted on 06 February 15 at 15:55, Edited on 06 February 15 at 15:55 by ChaosAlert
    Ginga Force is awesome! Sure, some people may find the anime style VA irritating after a while, but it kept me on more suspense as I went along.

    Will be importing this for the backlog when they're ready to go.
  • wBRYwBRY722,642
    Posted on 06 February 15 at 16:08
    No worries. Ginga Force is one of my favorites....i can wait awhile longer.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 07 February 15 at 10:06
    Love anything anime like
  • Spyder2gSpyder2g434,662
    Posted on 12 February 15 at 01:34
    I love these kinda games but I always forget when they are coming out. I even bought a NTSC-J 360 just to play 'em and it's sweet that the X1 is region free. Somebody remind me when stuff like this drops k thanks wink
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