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Training complete glitched out

  • twtealiotwtealio173,004
    Posted on 06 January 15 at 22:44Permalink
    I unlocked the "Training complete" just after Christmas. I saw it pop on my screen but when I look at my gamercard, it shows 65/67 achievements (same for my TA account) when it should be 66/67. Initially the gamerscore was not added on, but now it has been. If you check my account, the achievement is listed as unlocked but the stats have not been updated.

    Has anybody else had this problem? I have reason to believe this may be a relatively new phenomenon. To people who are close to lv 50: keep your wits about you
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant477,837
  • twtealiotwtealio173,004
    Posted on 07 January 15 at 23:18Permalink
    Thanks for the link toast
  • Posted on 16 January 15 at 00:42Permalink
    I remember this was a huge problem back in August 2014. It drove me fucking crazy....
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