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How to raise lung capacity easily?

  • Vanstrom336Vanstrom336960,107
    Posted on 12 December 14 at 11:40
    I am on the mission where Wu Zi Mu wants me to have my lung capacity up, and since then, I haven't been motivated to play the game because my lung capacity hasn't upgraded at all, and I heard you need to have it close to maxed out. Does anyone know how to get this up easily?
  • GunnerkiteGunnerkite387,963
    Posted on 12 December 14 at 12:13
    Is this the Amphibious Assault one in San Fierro? I didn't have my capacity anywhere near maxed out, only more than 5% according to the GTA wiki.

    You can increase lung capacity by swimming around underwater (press cn_B to dive under and swim around) or by finding oysters (which you have to swim underwater to get!), There's an oyster near the footing for the Golden Gate bridge, and that'll give you the 5% you need.
  • FFX BrotherhoodFFX Brotherhood1,525,517
    Posted on 12 December 14 at 15:59
    Yeah the only ways to raise Lung Capacity are either by collecting the Oysters or by just swimming underwater. It's not too bad to max out if you go on a little oyster hunt, and I think the higher you lung capacity is the easier the mission is.
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  • Posted on 13 December 14 at 21:03
    Huh, didn't know the oysters helped with that, but all I did was swim underwater for a while until I got enough. Was annoying, but I got through it.
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  • LuckyKantLuckyKant1,066,850
    Posted on 13 December 14 at 22:37
    Honestly, you only need 5%. I was in the same predicament as you and it took barely 5 minutes to increase to 5%.
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  • Vanstrom336Vanstrom336960,107
    Posted on 14 December 14 at 22:01
    Oh, alright, I didn't know that. Thanks everyone!
  • SK DiabolicSK Diabolic229,292
    Posted on 13 January 15 at 20:25
    I had to go to 10% lung capacity, though maybe It could of been my stamina was too low because I leveled to 20 in stamina during the diving process.

    From Woozie's and the nearby safehouse, looking at the map, go along left, you'll find a mini dock/pier and you'll have a perfect little diving area.
  • CrakajaakaCrakajaaka365,945
    Posted on 12 February 15 at 11:54
    10% lung capacity is all you need, takes only 5 min. just dive under the water til right before you run out of breath.
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