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    Posted on 12 December 14 at 13:23
    Please use this thread to discuss the Lords of the Fallen walkthrough
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  • AckterAckter331,808
    Posted on 15 January 15 at 13:16, Edited on 15 January 15 at 13:16 by Ackter
    Hi guys.

    Hope you find this useful. As a quick note, I'm in the process of putting together boss strategy videos, which I'll add to the walkthrough once the DLC is released (and when I've written the walkthrough for that as well).

    I'll also be putting together videos for the secret rooms.

    Any other requests, let me know.

  • AckterAckter331,808
    Posted on 18 January 15 at 08:25, Edited on 18 January 15 at 08:26 by Ackter
    I'm in the process of adding the strategy videos for the bosses and some other stuff.

    These'll be going up one page at a time (my net connection is awful and each video takes ages to upload).

    I'll let you know when all videos have been added.

  • Posted on 09 March 15 at 21:06
    Do you know when the DLC walkthrough will be posted? I bought the game today without realizing the DLC walkthrough wasn't up.
  • AckterAckter331,808
    Posted on 09 March 15 at 21:45
    I haven't got around to it yet, unfortunately. I'm in the middle of writing the Evil Within walkthrough so it's unlikely to be soon.
  • AckterAckter331,808
    Posted on 09 March 15 at 21:50
    Ok, the DLC can be accessed after you've defeated the Beast.

    As there's three playthroughs needed to 100% the standard game, you could always do two complete playthroughs first and then do the third playthrough up to defeating the Beast.

    Hopefully by then I will have gotten some time to write it up.
  • AckterAckter331,808
    Posted on 11 March 15 at 23:15, Edited on 11 March 15 at 23:16 by Ackter
    Ok, I had more spare time than I figured so got the DLC done this morning. It's up for review and should be published soon, hopefully.

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 12 March 15 at 02:37
    The Walkthrough has now been updated with the DLC.
    Walkthrough Supervisor, Platformer God, and GTASC Prize Master
  • NiallenevNiallenev105,449
    Posted on 27 February 16 at 14:56
    Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that the DLC guide states you will receive a Sword that scales with Strength when the keeper is set to lightning. When I did this (complete edition), I actually got fist weapons that scaled with Strength, they are called Lithic Rising.
  • EurydaceEurydace620,029
    Posted on 14 March 16 at 00:07
    Just FYI, the walkthrough overview still say DLC is coming but you're uncertain what it is. Might want to update that! Last paragraph.
  • ZordnilZordnil482,718
    Posted on 19 March 16 at 12:58
    Nice guide, very helpful!

    Just might want to add on page 4 "Story Walkthrough: Part Two" when you go meet the blacksmith its good to have 3k xp unspent. Betting that when breaking big runes gives you higher chance of getting flawless ones.

    I just grinded enemies nearby before going through the portal, didnt take long. You porbably save time in the long run if you plan on reloading your save until you get the best runes.

    Cheers! toast
  • MomieMomie2,979,417
    Posted on 26 April 16 at 21:43
    Thanks for the walkthrough! It is very detailed and very useful :)

    Quick question... For playthroughs 2 & 3, do you actually suggest using a new save file instead of using NG+ & NG++? Is it easier that way?
  • misfit119misfit1191,078,421
    Posted on 27 April 16 at 05:03
    I'm wondering exactly the same thing Momie. I've been using the walkthrough religiously since this game is so spastically maze-like. But the walkthrough says to start a fresh playthrough for some reason when the solutions are saying to just choose a different magical path for your character on NG+. I would think that going the NG+ route would be better since you don't need to hunt down weapons and armor, especially since the walkthrough gives no help as to what sorts of equipment or builds to aim for if we go for anything other than the tanky knight from square one again. I don't mind that per se but it seems like it'd be easier to just go NG+ and then NG++ to get those two unless the difficulty difference is just that high.
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  • AckterAckter331,808
    Posted on 27 April 16 at 14:16
    NG+ has a harder difficulty, yes. All the enemies hit harder, have more HP etc.
  • JORAXJORAX1,788,603
    Posted on 04 May 16 at 08:12
    Overall, very helpful walkthrough! One bit thought - the point at which you say that it is possible to unlock "Strong With This One" appears to be incorrect. The walkthrough only had 5 spell point shards to collect by this point, and according to the solution you have to have already invested 5 in order to get the highest tier spell (which itself takes a 6th spell point).
  • JORAXJORAX1,788,603
    Posted on 12 May 16 at 08:26
    One other question - you mention that killing Yehtka's beast is required for a future achievement - which one? I can't for the life of me figure this out. I ended up sparing it and quitting out to get more achievements in one run, but still wasn't sure what killing it gained for me.
  • misfit119misfit1191,078,421
    Posted on 13 May 16 at 05:46
    I don't think anything. You get the achievement for killing all monsters without killing this so I have no idea. I don't think you ever need to kill it unless you're just being a jerk to Yetka.
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  • Posted on 27 May 16 at 03:07, Edited on 27 May 16 at 03:08 by wellingtonbalbo
    Thanks for WT Ackter, but I see something wrong.

    In Lords of the Fallen page we have listed 56 achievements (46 without DLC) worthing 1200G

    In Lords of the Fallen Walkthrough page we have listed 54 achievements worthing 1170G

    20 missables in the game but it's listed 18 in WT page, do you know why?

  • Posted on 04 June 16 at 02:52, Edited on 04 June 16 at 02:52 by wellingtonbalbo
    Hello, I counted the achievements in WT page and all achievements are listed but for some reason in the first page of WT are listed 54 achievements, not 56, some type of bug, I don't know.

    In the side of the page where are listed all achievements are 54 too, but your walkthrough is complete.

    Anyway, thanks for your work, will certainly help me.
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