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GunWorld Revealed for Xbox One

  • Posted on 11 May 15 at 10:27
    I think its just that most indie devs aren't capable of doing high end graphics and I'm all fine with that, but I think like probably they shouldn't all do the pixel-art style
  • MXR5150MXR5150481,394
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 13:57, Edited on 11 May 15 at 13:57 by MXR5150
    Are people actually complaining about the release of indie games like these?

    Guess what. These games take NOTHING AWAY from other retail/indie games.

    I really don't understand the griping about price either.
    Retail Games: $60 at launch (without DLC/season passes)
    Indie Titles: $15-30 at launch (DLC sometimes free!)
  • Posted on 11 May 15 at 21:20
    Shovel Knight was awesome, but this game doesn't look that good...
  • xCRiMZoNxxCRiMZoNx285,883
    Posted on 12 May 15 at 20:14
    I see both sides of the coin here. I know a lot of people want new innovative games on the new systems. That is what we would expect as gamers right? On the other hand I love old school games and they are easier for devs to make when they don't have a lot of resources or money. It does seem like a trend for indies to drop bit games when maybe they should be focused on making more intricate titles. Makes me really wonder why we are seeing so many bit games right now. Either way Gun World looks cool IMO, and is something I would like to check out.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,592,596
    Posted on 13 May 15 at 01:30
    xMac73 said:OMG... welcome back to the '80s. angry

    I might as well hook up my SNES again. lol
    Krazie x360a said: You had an SNES in the '80s? facepalmPerfect, 10/10.

    So many negative nancies with these retro games. They're missing out on so much fun just because of "teh graphix!".
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