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Skulls of the Shogun Will Launch At A Discount

  • Posted on 30 January 13 at 02:57
    Skrypek said:
    ...Xbox, GWfL, WP and Xbox versions have always been seperate titles with seperate achievements and seperate purchases.
    With the exception of Lost Planet and Shadowrun.
  • Posted on 05 February 13 at 11:09
    Just bought the Win 8 and WP version while on sale and ordered a points cards for the XBLA version from Amazon. Listen to the latest Major Nelson Radio and you may just change your mind about this game. You're able to pick up and play where you left off on any device, I'm unsure how this will affect the achievements, but I'd be inclined to presume that it means it will be like Wordament etc. whereby if you've already popped an achievement on one platform, it will pop on the others without the need of additional work.
    Finally, if you weigh up cost vs. gamerscore compared to retail titles. These games aren't overpriced. About £20 ($30) for 800G compared to £40 ($60) for 1,000G.
  • Posted on 05 February 13 at 18:22
    No it won't. I have it on 3 devices, the achievements don't sync. Only the skull achievements will unlock automaticallly, the others will requires you to redo the objective on each device.
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