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200.6 map coverage in castlevania sotn.

Posted on 15 December 13 at 21:12
not sure if this is the correct place to post it, very sorry if it is not.
i am looking for an extra pair of eyes to help scout what i'm missing to complete my map coverage in castlevania symphony of the night.

complete, the map should cover 200.6% of the game, i have 200.4%
been looking at the maps for months now, striping of parts i'm sure i have complete.
end up with 2 A4 sheets all striped.
obviously i am missing something, but i'm tired of looking at the map.
could someone please have a looksee and tell me what i am missing?


thank you so much in advance!
Posted on 16 December 13 at 01:30

I put a little red box where your missing room is. I believe you have to break through the ceiling in the corridor below.
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Posted on 16 December 13 at 13:03
achievement unlocked: seeker.
completely baffles me how you saw it so fast, i literally spent an entire day just scanning the maps looking for what i could have missed. thank you so very very much!
now to do the same thing again, but with richter..
Posted on 16 December 13 at 13:13
Moved to the game's discussion forum.
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