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The First Templar level partner

  • KasugaSamaKasugaSama121,922
    Posted on 15 December 13 at 23:41
    Looking for someone/multiple people who will quickly do one level with me to help me get towards the
    The First TemplarWell TraveledThe Well Traveled achievement in The First Templar worth 77 pointsComplete 5 levels in online multiplayer with different partners
    in The First Templar.

    The completion of levels with partners unfortunately only counts to host, but I'm willing to join the game of whoever I do a level with after, so that it gets them 1 more towards the achievement also.
  • Edi JinxEdi Jinx650,656
    Posted on 20 January 14 at 00:47, Edited on 20 January 14 at 00:49 by Edi Jinx
    I'm in because l need this too, there's another person on my list who might also be able to help.

    I also need help continuing my co-op game if anyone can help with that? As the person l mentioned above is barely on due to timezone differences and l'd really like to get it done.
  • A Gamer X360A Gamer X360796,477
    Posted on 27 August 14 at 00:35
    You can both get it if you play it in one sitting. If you do it in 'sections', then only the host gets it. I read it takes 4~5 hours to run through on Casual, ignoring the bonus objectives, chests, etc. So, not too hard to do in a single run thru.
  • LowKlass101LowKlass101754,382
    Posted on 10 November 14 at 13:22
    I know this is an old post but did either of you ever get it done?
  • DRAVEN489DRAVEN489237,442
    Posted on 11 November 14 at 01:14
    Okay, i need this achievement too, if someone is still interested, send me a message on TA or on Xbox, i would be very happy if some people can help me, it's the only achiev on the road to the 1000G for me!
  • Posted on 13 December 15 at 11:38, Edited on 13 December 15 at 23:09 by Vampyre Shadows
    I just picked this up last week and am nearly finished on the puzzle level in the tomb after the Saracens camp..

    Will be up for playing the co-op to get the achievements I don't mind if the other person wants to host and can help other people getting the achievements such as the weapons and armour.. Bear in mind I'm based in Wales UK so big time difference to most
  • TortureBRTortureBR185,127
    Posted on 19 January 17 at 17:42
    I need 4 more partners for this achievement, can helmp me?
  • Unky TimFUUnky TimFU1,680,900
    Posted on 25 December 17 at 00:42
    I can help anybody who needs this just send a message or w/e.
    Posted on 28 December 17 at 20:06
    I am looking for people for the Well Traveled Achievement as well.
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