Game Discussion: Alpha Protocol

Another "Should I Buy" Thread

  • EfinijonEfinijon118,955
    Posted on 24 January 13 at 02:46
    The other day I saw a used copy of Alpha Protocol for $5 at Gamestop. I was interested in this game when I read about it, but after a lot of negative reviews I was curious if they were spot on or if as a fan of the Bond movies and Jason Bourne, would this be a fun play with some easy achievements along the way.
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  • Posted on 25 January 13 at 06:50
    I really liked Alpha Protocol. It's not perfect, but I found it a lot of fun. The dialogue choices were done well IMO. It's not a shooter at all though. It's very much an action RPG. If you have no stats in shooting, you will hit nothing no matter your crosshairs.
  • WeisGuy9WeisGuy9738,177
    Posted on 25 January 13 at 11:03
    It's $5. Almost any game is worth $5.
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  • Mickey BurnsMickey Burns371,352
    Posted on 25 January 13 at 22:25
    I'd say go for it for $5. I'd even think it would be worth $10. $15 would be pushing it.

    I can't remember what I paid for it ... I got it on sale and had coupons. I thought it wasn't too terrible. A little boring at times and some parts were pissing me off (what game doesn't piss me off?). Not as good (IMO) as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but still pretty solid.

    @Weis: I can think of quite a few games I would rather save that $5 to put towards a Subway 11 inch footlong .........

    Even though Subway sucks. Eat Jersey Mikes.
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  • WeisGuy9WeisGuy9738,177
    Posted on 26 January 13 at 00:20
    Mmmm...Jersey Mike' may have a point there.
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  • EfinijonEfinijon118,955
    Posted on 26 January 13 at 06:01
    I don't have a Jersey Mike's... have a Jimmy John's and Penn Station! Nothing beats the Italian from Penn Station! (Unless you find yourself at Ramano's in Parma!)
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