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TA Top Five: Party Games

  • Deacon VexDeacon Vex1,230,167
    Posted on 10 June 15 at 13:26
    I'm a little surprised the console version of Diablo didn't make the list. I have to say that when I have my imaginary friends over, that's what they'd play.
  • Magasta666Magasta666247,178
    Posted on 10 June 15 at 18:16, Edited on 10 June 15 at 18:17 by Magasta666
    Although it's a Wii/PS2 game, Dokapon Kingdom is a party game that is both a time and friend killer. The game is merciless to newcomers, so don't let its childish appearance fool you.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,640,352
    Posted on 11 June 15 at 13:20
    HolyMoses81 said:Rockband HAD to be no 1.
    Everything else would have discontinued the universe.

    Oh, and you should drop your pathetic opening line.
    It's just not funny (and who's to say it is).
    Nah, Ori and the Blind Forest should be number 1. Invite a bunch of folks over and let them watch you play it!
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