Game Discussion: Le Tour de France 2013 - 100th Edition

A little help

  • o Heres Jonny oo Heres Jonny o1,660,980
    Posted on 12 August 14 at 02:21
    I bought this game a while ago trying to get some easy points but I cannot work this game out. I have followed guides for the achievements but to no avail. Can anyone give me some pointers because I am missing something.
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  • AvitawayAvitaway1,696,312
    Posted on 09 February 16 at 18:36
    I also tried this out some time ago and could not seem to get anywhere and was unable to unlock a single achievement, glad im not the only one lol
  • o Heres Jonny oo Heres Jonny o1,660,980
    Posted on 15 February 16 at 21:50
    I put this game to the depths of my mind! Got a few gamerscore, not sure what I did, got rid. Glad it wasn't just me thought i was missing something.
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  • QPRs No1 FanQPRs No1 Fan740,311
    Posted on 27 June 16 at 21:59
    You need to realise that it's NOT a racing game. Cycling is about tactics, strategy and timing. If you are going to sprint for the finish line from the very start then you won't last 1/10th of a race.

    I used to cycle in local minor competitions when I was younger (and much, much fitter laugh) so I guess that helps while playing this plus the Tour de France 2011 game which is much harder in terms of achievements angry.

    If anyone who is reading this is struggling with the game and not sure what to do then feel free to message me and I will do my best to guide you through it.
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