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Glitched achievement?

Primal IX
Posted on 25 January 13 at 03:53
I've done all the normal tricks in 1 world tour.However I can't get it to unlock.I don't know if this makes a difference or not but I have finished 1st place in all of the events in the world tour.I have went back to the 9th stage on the world tour and did ghost creek.Carefully doing all the tricks.reading their names and pausing to check them of after I landed them.After doing it twice and finishing the race.It still won't pop for me.I don't am i missing something here?Anyway any help will be appreciated.
Pai has been longing to be human for almost 300 years Pai forgets why
Posted on 25 January 13 at 06:33
tweak every trick?
Primal IX
Posted on 25 January 13 at 06:42, Edited on 25 January 13 at 07:41 by Primal IX
Yep i always tweaked every normal trick then let go so it would do the non tweaked version.

Edit: I finally got it after doing it for a third time.I did all the tricks exactly like i did it the 2 previous times.However for some reason it decided to let me have it.
Pai has been longing to be human for almost 300 years Pai forgets why
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