Game Discussion: Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)

GtaV Heists Rant

  • thedoors27thedoors27435,200
    Posted on 16 October 14 at 08:40
    It's simply disgusting that after a year Rockstar haven't released heists yet. After the lie of "GtaV won't be on next gen" I wonder if heists were all a lie and if they do exist I bet they will only be for the One/PS4.

    When Gearbox put out that infamous marine game, I said to myself I would never buy anything from them again, same with Rockstar.

    If I hadn't finished a job at work that was due a week before, let alone a year, I'd be fired.

    Wish gamers had more of voice than we do now, it's our money that keeps them in jobs!
  • GMNGMN455,151
    Posted on 17 October 14 at 14:10
    So cry at them on twitter?
  • GsO LightGsO Light210,600 210,600 GamerScore
    Posted on 23 October 14 at 05:16
    Looks like heists are coming out November 18, figures rockstar would release them to get more sales for the new gen which is released the same day... rockstar is so greedy it's sickening
  • Posted on 25 October 14 at 06:23
    I've got 2 words for y'all regarding the heists: Total joke.
  • Agent OlasAgent Olas447,333
    Posted on 29 October 14 at 18:25
    My guess is that heists will only be on the Xbox One and PS4.
  • Posted on 31 October 14 at 18:16
    I personally have to believe they will release heists and they will be on every platform. I dont see them only releasing heists on the new generation.
  • Giarc1982Giarc198299,196
    Posted on 04 November 14 at 13:22
    When did anybody at Rockstar or Take Two say "GtaV won't be on next gen" I'm pretty sure they never said that, all I remember is they said had "No current plans" and that is pretty much confirmation that there may be plans in the future.
    Even with no commitment to a Next Gen version you can tell that GTA V is designed for stronger hardware than the 360 and PS3, it was a minor miracle they got it to run on them at all.
    Just thinking about money, just running GTA online on last gen with continuous updates doesn't make sense with everyone transitioning to other platforms.
    I don't mean to sound harsh, but a next gen GTA V release is not a big surprise.
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