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Side-Quest Stacking?

  • Posted on 23 July 14 at 03:27
    I have just finished my speedrun playthrough and was wondering if i can safely get 30 sidequest achieve with only 2 or 3 sidequests done in playthrough one? Such as getting 10 more sidequests in playthrough 2 and another 18 in playthrough 3 will the achievement unlock?
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    Posted on 25 July 14 at 08:58, Edited on 25 July 14 at 09:01 by Sparkz1977
    I approached the game the other way around, planning to do my speedrun last so I could take my time and enjoy the story. I found that with NG+, any quests I completed in the first run didn't appear in NG+, so they must count.
    There are a couple of things to note though........

    1. Quests not completed in the first half are gone forever in NG+.
    2. There are more than enough quests to get the achievement, BUT quests in the first half of the game are MUCH easier to complete.
    3. The 30 quests must be completed in one 'Opening scene to closing credits' playthrough.

    Having said all that, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting that particular achievement. Put it this way, if you're going for 100% completion, this is the last achievement you should be worried about!

    I got the 30 quests achievement before the end of the first half of the game, and it said I had completed 50% of them.
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  • Posted on 25 July 14 at 23:17
    I see... Maybe i should do a restart then and take my time.
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